Hello again dear friends, how has our week been? Mine has been glorious, thank God!

This week, laid on my heart to share and encourage us with is combativeness. This noun shows a state of being ready to argue or fight, ultimately leading to being characterized as being pugnacious! Not a nice way to describe anybody, yes? But the reality is that once in a while like that we just feel like ‘sticking it to the other person, do we not?

Now, my own experience is that after my combative encounter I often feel that maybe I came on too strongly? 🙈 So, been there, done that! Ok, so this piece is not about being judgmental.

How do we think people we have ban combative with feel, during and after each encounter? This should sharpen our understanding of the real problem of being combative. If we reckon such people feel happy and left the conversation feeling better, then being combative would be a good thing; but that never happens, does it? Often than not those on the receiving end would leave unhappy and wonder what just hit them!

Now, if we accept that every human being is an extension of God, then our manner of discuss amongst ourselves, in public and privately should take on a civil tone and manner , shouldn’t it. And we should also understand the ‘manner’ part of what I just said above. Some folk have mastered the art of speaking evenly in low tones, but their body language can dice a rock in half!

So, what to do? I believe the book of Hebrews has the perfect recipe – Follow peace with ALL men and holiness, without which no man can see God! When we get on that train, trust me, our combative nature will reduce and gradually diminish. God bless us as we begin to try.

You shall excel In Jesus’ mighty name. We love you!

September 19th 2017. Salvation House.

2017 SHM Weekly Wisdom Titbit_Week 1_Imagination.

Imagination is its own form of courage. God Himself admitted that can do anything you envision possible! To lack imagination therefore, is to be without concrete hope for success.

Dream dreams, dream them big.

Imagine yourself getting that job; achieving that goal, that objective.

Place yourself in that role in your mind.

Let the picture of it be seared in your consciousness.

That was exactly how God recreated the world as we know it! Stop cheating yourself, IMAGINE! Those who call you crazy now will be the first to celebrate you!
You shall excel In Jesus’ mighty name. We love you!
January 3rd 2017. Salvation House.



SHM REFLECTIONS_As You Begin 2015….

My dear friends, Happy New Year! I pray for you that 2015 will be your year of PROMOTION, as it is for us in SHM. Your lives will change radically for the best this new year, the mercies of God will open doors of opportunities for you, and your story shall change for the better IJMN.
If I ask a poll to be taken as to how many out there will consider 2014 a fruitful year, I can assure you many would say “it could have been better”. Some may even say “I couldn’t wait for it to pass over me” because potentials were not fulfilled, expectations not met.
But let me encourage you as you start this season of NEW BEGINNING that it is not over; not whilst you can still draw breath! Trust me, a living dog is better than a dead lion. Despite how some may feel because of unrealized desires and targets last year, I want to assure you that you are not a failure. Oh, far from it! Why? Simply because of the way God sees you, that’s why!
So, how does He see you? AS THE FINISHED PRODUCT! That’s how. You may not look it now, your situation may not speak it now; but trust me, the Almighty God sees you as He created you – a masterpiece! A success! A cornerstone!
Maybe you still do not believe me? Alright, fair enough. I challenge you then to look at your Bible now for confirmation. Hebrews chapter 11 gives us a very long list of people referred to as the heroes of faith; in other words, those who pleased God (For without faith no man can please God, right?) You will discover to your amazement that everybody mentioned there save for Enoch (for whom the Bible gave scant information) did not live perfect lives while alive!
Is it Abraham and his misadventure to get the promised child which led to Ismail and the division between faiths today? Or Moses, who did not make it to the promised land because of a recurring emotional issue that yet again caused him another lapse in judgment? Or dithering Brother Gideon, who kept doubting God’s offer to use him after each miracle by God to prove His call? STILL, GOD RECORDS THEM AS HEROES OF FAITH! Because that is how God sees man – the finished product, not a work in progress! And that is still how he sees you and me, dear friends.
Why is this important this new year? Because you must never allow what you went through in 2014 determine what you will get in 2015!!! So, maybe 2014 did not birth for you your desires or expectations; maybe you fell short in your anticipated blessings despite your best efforts; or maybe you saw no silver lining at all in the dark clouds that gathered? Listen to me, the joy of your situation is that you are still alive, and therefore you still have hope for a better 2015!
I encourage therefore to keep still, God has not forgotten you! He cannot forget you despite the best efforts of your situation! I see a better 2015 ahead of you! This year, you shall be numbered among the blessed, the fortunate, worthy to be envied folk IJMN. I see your story changing! I decree that the immutable principles of God for success will find alignment with your preparations and miracles will be birthed in your life. I look forward to hearing your testimony of change, of promotion, in 2015!
You shall excel IJMN. We love you! Happy New Year!!!
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Darkness can NEVER nullify light. In fact, the more gross the darkness, the brighter God’s light shines. Rejoice! You shall overcome. #SHM

Everybody has a story so yours is no different. But #JesusChrist turns every story to glory. Comprenez-vous? #SHM


SHM REFLECTIONS_You Are What You Think.

Blessed day to you all, dear friends. Do you know that man is no more than the sum total of his thoughts? Even God knows this, hence the advanced mind and free will He gave man.

Simple though it may appear that little things rule over large ones, many still cannot wrap their minds around this fact. Let me illustrate with practical examples. As large as the aero plane is small parts, compared to its size, propel and keep it going. Similarly for large ship carriers. The exact same thing for man. How small, compared to the body is the tongue? Does it not determine destinies? I hope you get the picture? Your mind is in this exact category!

So, what do you dwell on? It has been proved that what a man thinks about most of the time becomes a pattern, which becomes a habit, which forms his character, which decides his life!

I encourage you therefore dear friend, check what you think about, what you allow to dominate your thought process. Your thoughts are really the currency of your personal economy, not physical cash which is just a medium of exchange.

Have a great week ahead thinking thoughts that will edify, elevate and proffer solutions to problems that needs solving. This way, you will cause God’s glory to radiate in and through you!

We love you! Shalom. #SHM

SHM TWEETS_Pause & Give Thanks

@SalvationHouse Tweet: Hey friend, take a pause. Yes, you! Take a pause and give thanks. What for? FOR LIFE AND LIMB!!! Come on, go ahead already. Love you. #SHM

@SalvationHouse Tweets

@SalvationHouse tweet: A conversation between 2 people should be 50% talking & 50% listening. When you pray, take time to listen! He will speak back to you. #SHM

SHM REFLECTIONS_Under What Influence?

Read: Acts 2:16-17; Ephesians 5:18 (AMP)

I have a confession to make – I get drunk from time to time, REGULARLY! Yes, I am a child of God and yes again, I am privileged to be His servant. But I still get drunk! The only difference is that the item of my inebriation, is not a physical object, but a spiritual one! 
See, I cannot achieve what God wants me to achieve, as His child, as His instrument, as a husband, as a father, as a member of my biological and church family on my natural strength. I will struggle and make a mess of it. I will hurt myself and people who I should be a blessing to. What I need therefore is to be filled to the full. As do you come to think of it!

So, under whose influence I have chosen to fall? That of the Holy Spirit!!! It is the Spirit of God that gives me capacity to be a blessing. 1 Cor. 12:7-11; it is His Spirit that can teach me all things. John 14:26. I drink Him till I am flushed! As you too should if you want the same results I get!

What many people do not know is that YOU NEED TO BE DRUNK, TO BE HIGH TO BE CALM! It is precisely for this reason that many take alcohol and other addictive substances. But this physical high cannot be sustained over a long period of time. There is however a drunken or high state that does not wear out. It is designed to be permanent if certain conditions are kept to. That is when you get drunk with the Holy Spirit. As I am, not only am I able to be creative, but I also have it for good. Effects of alcohol, of cocaine, of all LSDs wear out, and their addicts return to a life of frustration and panic. But, with my drunkenness in the Holy Spirit, I can do all things, at all times, in all ways, FOREVER! 

So, my friends, I need you to understand my new paradigm, I AM UNDER THE INFLUENCE, and I invite you to be too. Do you dare?

God bless you. We love you! Shalom.



As this year winds down I decree and declare that grace for excellence will still find expression in your life IJMN. It will never be too late for you to achieve your God ordained destiny.

Your effort shall no longer be wasted; your seed shall cease to wither in dry land! People will see you and bless you. Your store houses will never be empty. While still in the land of the living my God, who tore Hannah’s garment of shame, will cause to you to be celebrated.

It takes God to connect for insurmountable success, my God who linked Joseph with Pharaoh, will connect you. Your destiny helpers shall awake! Those who have forgotten their promises to you shall come to sudden realization of their commitment to you. Remember, He caused the chief butler to remember Joseph!

Many around you may be witnessing a dry patch, but by the mercies of heaven, the dew that brought constant manna to Israel’s camp for 40 years, serving about 85 trillion meals, will fall upon your own land IJMN.

You are created to excel and excel you shall IJMN. We at SHM love you to succeed. Shalom.

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