At our family altar this morning, as I was sharing on “Supernatural Power To Create Wealth” this praise of the Holy Ghost welled up in me. Quickly penned down my poetry as I returned to our room. What is your praise of the Holy Spirit? Please do share! Enjoy mine. Bless up!

Fountain of all knowledge, Spring of all understanding.

You are God by standing

Holy Spirit Divine.


Who with you can compare?

Divine in understanding

Chief Executive of God’s will

You’re Matchless in power!


Worthy, Excellent teacher

Only one that’s Paraclete  

from age to age your works

In man’s life doth shew


Your works show your worth

My comfort, my helper

(Wo)Men stare and wonder

What mighty help you wroth


Love you to the bones

Ageless Father Of all lights 

No variableness, no shadow,

No turning! Holy Ghost myLord!
© 22nd April 2016. Adewale Adeniji.


Read Matthew 18:21-22.

Forgiveness does not change the past, but it enlarges the future. Help me to move on from all past hurts. Help me to pray for those who’ve offended me. Give me capacity to live in constant love towards all.

Holy Spirit, set me free!



I can’t stop loving you Lord!
You bring purpose to my life
Made me in your likeness, gave me all.
I can’t stop loving you Father!

I can’t stop loving you Lord!
Your sacrifice renewed my life
I can now face tomorrow with confidence, thank you.
I can’t stop loving you Jesus!

I can’t stop loving you Lord!
You bring melody to my life
Where would I be without you, my teacher?
I can’t stop loving you Paraclete!

I can’t stop loving you.
Many may stutter or stop
Me? It’s a ‘life sentence’ I relish
I can’t stop loving you joo! Fi le!!!

(C) Ade. Adeniji. 05/05/2014.


Happy new month, dear friend! I decree in the matchless name of The Lord, Jesus Christ that this will be your most productive month yet. Receive abundant grace to do the right things per time. This month will begin a fruitful journey of a glorious quarter in your life. Your goals shall receive fleshing up by the power of the Holy Spirit.

But remember, by God’s principle, He can only build upon the foundation of your ideas, your goals and the pictures of the reality you have envisioned. So, if you still do not have goals, set them out today; ask for unique ideas to become a solution provider!

Have a great month. We love you!

SHM REFLECTIONS_Under What Influence?

Read: Acts 2:16-17; Ephesians 5:18 (AMP)

I have a confession to make – I get drunk from time to time, REGULARLY! Yes, I am a child of God and yes again, I am privileged to be His servant. But I still get drunk! The only difference is that the item of my inebriation, is not a physical object, but a spiritual one! 
See, I cannot achieve what God wants me to achieve, as His child, as His instrument, as a husband, as a father, as a member of my biological and church family on my natural strength. I will struggle and make a mess of it. I will hurt myself and people who I should be a blessing to. What I need therefore is to be filled to the full. As do you come to think of it!

So, under whose influence I have chosen to fall? That of the Holy Spirit!!! It is the Spirit of God that gives me capacity to be a blessing. 1 Cor. 12:7-11; it is His Spirit that can teach me all things. John 14:26. I drink Him till I am flushed! As you too should if you want the same results I get!

What many people do not know is that YOU NEED TO BE DRUNK, TO BE HIGH TO BE CALM! It is precisely for this reason that many take alcohol and other addictive substances. But this physical high cannot be sustained over a long period of time. There is however a drunken or high state that does not wear out. It is designed to be permanent if certain conditions are kept to. That is when you get drunk with the Holy Spirit. As I am, not only am I able to be creative, but I also have it for good. Effects of alcohol, of cocaine, of all LSDs wear out, and their addicts return to a life of frustration and panic. But, with my drunkenness in the Holy Spirit, I can do all things, at all times, in all ways, FOREVER! 

So, my friends, I need you to understand my new paradigm, I AM UNDER THE INFLUENCE, and I invite you to be too. Do you dare?

God bless you. We love you! Shalom.

SHM Weekly Charge_2013 Week 03_Jesus Christ, The Game Changer.

Jesus, 01My dear friends, how has your year been so far? Mine is shaping up wonderfully well in Christ Jesus.

The Scripture says that there is no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus. None whatsoever, regardless of the fellow’s past. The basis for this is that the Lord Jesus Christ sacrificed Himself that mankind can leverage on salvation and have a good life. In our ministry this is our revelation of Romans 8. That with your salvation assured, nothing can hold you back from enjoying your God-ordained destiny to have dominion.

Today, I am led of the Holy Spirit to share with you that long delayed destinies (which Hebrews 4 verse 3 tells us were already determined from the foundation of the world) will only begin to manifest when the owners of such destinies are fully in Christ Jesus. I will explain myself.

It is not uncommon for many to feel and behave as if their destiny is pre-ordained to be bad; that it is their lot to struggle through life, generation after generation. My dear friends, nothing can be further from the will of God for mankind. For one thing, God created mankind perfectly, and for dominion. But sin truncated that destiny. Secondly, despite this God pre-planned a way out. Because He created mankind with free will, God knew mankind could mess up, so He pre-arranged for his redemption before he sinned! That is what Revelation 13 vs. 8b means – crucifixion of Christ the Lamb had been preordained from the foundation of the world! This means Jesus Christ had been crucified in the Spirit before he was physically nailed to Calvary’s cross over 2000 years ago. So, there is no need for any destiny to suffer.

The implication for you dear reader is this – your destiny cannot be bad because Jesus Christ had already fully paid the price for any offense that can harm mankind’s destiny, past, present or even future offenses! So, my first charge you this week is that you stop confessing that any destiny is bad, or worse still in our local environment that a human being somewhere, or circumstances you do not know or approve of have compromised your destiny!

If you are a new creature, of a truth old things have passed away and all things have become brand new. All because the Lord Jesus Christ is the game changer, the joker card in the deck of life. That is why I can boldly declare as a man ordained of God to touch destinies – YOUR TOMORROW IS ALRIGHT! However, my dear friends, destined to struggle are those lives that struggle with the reality of the Lord, Jesus Christ. There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING such lives can durably accomplish outside of Christ.

My second charge dear friends, is for you to review your relationship with this game changer. If He were to return today (as He would one day), would you make it to reign with Him? If you are not so sure, please say this prayer – LORD JESUS, I CONFESS THAT I AM A SINNER. PLEASE FORGIVE ME MY SINS. I CONFESS YOU AS MY PERSONAL LORD AND SAVIOUR. I NEED YOUR HELP TO LIVE FREE OF THE CONDEMNATION OF SIN FROM TODAY AND TO ENJOY MY GLORIOUS DESTINY. COME INTO MY LIFE TODAY AND REIGN FOREVER. If you said that prayer honestly, congratulations you are saved!

How honestly you answered that last question would determine how easy this promising year turns out for you. You were created to excel and excel you shall. Have a great week!

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