According to the time of man, 2016 is just around the corner as the current year enters into its throes of expiration. And as usual, many are setting out plans for the new season. But how can you do this effectively?

The Almighty God is the best project manager in the world because He does nothing without planning. And that is His expectation for mankind – to plan in order to be able to execute. Anyone who wants to build must first sit down and do a cost analysis, so that he would not become embarrassed, He counsels. SO IT BEHOVES EVERY SMART MAN TO SET GOALS TO SUCCEED!
Trust me, setting goals and achieving them ‘no be beans’ as we say in Nigeria’s local parlance. Meaning it usually is hard to match plan with reality. But there is a way out that I want to teach you today. That is where your IMAGINATION comes in.
A dictionary definition of ‘imagination’ is “forming mental images or concepts of what is not actually present to the senses”.
Now, imagination is a sweet thing! I just love it. In your imagination, you can own the world! Nobody can interrupt your imagination, no negative comments can rain on the parade of your imagination, because the picture is in your mind. You own it and can apply it to your plans! 
But the sweetest thing about imagination for me is that IT IS THE WAY GOD HAS OPERATED from time immemorial; the way He has achieved all He has and will continue to achieve! In fact God knows how potent a power the imagination is that He confessed that not even He can stop man’s imagination when deployed!
So, how can you deploy your imagination to set and achieve your goals? 
First, you must learn to engage your mind in seeing the invincible. Remember our operative definition of imagination in paragraph 4 above.
In other words, you must become a dreamer! Sit down and begin to picture in your mind where you want to go, what you want to become. Trust me, while the Spirit of God was hovering upon the face of the deep at re-creation, that was what He was doing. Visualizing in His mind’s eye the posibilities. By the time He commanded light to be, He already saw it happen in His imagination! And light had no choice but to burst forth!
Second, live with your imagination. What does this mean? Stay with the vision you have dreamt up! Never give up. Become another Brother Joseph. Of course, anyone who has not lived in your imagination; who does not know what you have dreamt up will tell you your plans can’t be achieved, or that it will be hard! Reference Joseph’s brothers and the Lord of Samaria upon who the king leaned! 
This will also help when it appears nothing dey work, nothing dey shele! Just adopt a ‘no shaking’ attitude. The thing go work eventually if your liver no fail you! {Persist even when it appears nothing is happening. Do not chicken out} So train your mind to keep your eye on the ball! 
Finally, remain with an attitude of thanksgiving. Do not be your own enemy. Whilst waiting, keep doing the right thing. Do not ‘Dasuki’ your destiny. Meaning? Do not compromise; do not take the short cut. Keep trusting and praising He who owns the universe! Your period of waiting is just a test. Remember the tallest buildings must have the deepest foundations! Remember also hat God does not measure time as man does, because He is time Himself.
I perceive in my spirit that 2016 will be your best year yet. So, engage your imagination and plan your goals to success, good health, prosperity, enviable family etc. See that future you want in your mind’s eye – engage your imagination. YOU SHALL EXCEL!
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SHM REFLECTIONS_As You Begin 2015….

My dear friends, Happy New Year! I pray for you that 2015 will be your year of PROMOTION, as it is for us in SHM. Your lives will change radically for the best this new year, the mercies of God will open doors of opportunities for you, and your story shall change for the better IJMN.
If I ask a poll to be taken as to how many out there will consider 2014 a fruitful year, I can assure you many would say “it could have been better”. Some may even say “I couldn’t wait for it to pass over me” because potentials were not fulfilled, expectations not met.
But let me encourage you as you start this season of NEW BEGINNING that it is not over; not whilst you can still draw breath! Trust me, a living dog is better than a dead lion. Despite how some may feel because of unrealized desires and targets last year, I want to assure you that you are not a failure. Oh, far from it! Why? Simply because of the way God sees you, that’s why!
So, how does He see you? AS THE FINISHED PRODUCT! That’s how. You may not look it now, your situation may not speak it now; but trust me, the Almighty God sees you as He created you – a masterpiece! A success! A cornerstone!
Maybe you still do not believe me? Alright, fair enough. I challenge you then to look at your Bible now for confirmation. Hebrews chapter 11 gives us a very long list of people referred to as the heroes of faith; in other words, those who pleased God (For without faith no man can please God, right?) You will discover to your amazement that everybody mentioned there save for Enoch (for whom the Bible gave scant information) did not live perfect lives while alive!
Is it Abraham and his misadventure to get the promised child which led to Ismail and the division between faiths today? Or Moses, who did not make it to the promised land because of a recurring emotional issue that yet again caused him another lapse in judgment? Or dithering Brother Gideon, who kept doubting God’s offer to use him after each miracle by God to prove His call? STILL, GOD RECORDS THEM AS HEROES OF FAITH! Because that is how God sees man – the finished product, not a work in progress! And that is still how he sees you and me, dear friends.
Why is this important this new year? Because you must never allow what you went through in 2014 determine what you will get in 2015!!! So, maybe 2014 did not birth for you your desires or expectations; maybe you fell short in your anticipated blessings despite your best efforts; or maybe you saw no silver lining at all in the dark clouds that gathered? Listen to me, the joy of your situation is that you are still alive, and therefore you still have hope for a better 2015!
I encourage therefore to keep still, God has not forgotten you! He cannot forget you despite the best efforts of your situation! I see a better 2015 ahead of you! This year, you shall be numbered among the blessed, the fortunate, worthy to be envied folk IJMN. I see your story changing! I decree that the immutable principles of God for success will find alignment with your preparations and miracles will be birthed in your life. I look forward to hearing your testimony of change, of promotion, in 2015!
You shall excel IJMN. We love you! Happy New Year!!!
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SHM Weekly Charge_2013 Week 02_MOVE ON!!!!!!!

My dear friends, by now I am sure you are tired of New Year wishes! So, let us move on quickly. It is now settled that your year will be good because the word has already gone out! So today, I want to take time to urge you this one thing – MOVE ON! What exactly do I mean?
2012 may have brought its disappointments; it may have let you down regarding a few things. My friends, it is time to move on. On the other end of the equation, 2012 may have given you your best testimonies yet – maybe a new house, a new job etc. My friends, I charge you too – MOVE ON!

This is the way of it – you have to keep pressing forward. On the achievement of 2012, build something greater on it – improve on your skills, broaden your capacity level, acquire more competence. Despite that disappointment, press forward. Do not let it define your life, please! Your life is designed for greater and better things. MOVE ON! MOVE ON!! MOVE ON!!!

My dear friends, trust me, no matter your level right now (for good or improving) you are still on a journey. I am sure you have heard it said that success is a journey, not a destination. Let me also tell you this – failure is a journey, not a destination! That is what the Lord mean in John 15 verse 2. What has worked improve on it, what has not worked, prune it. No need to dwell, no need at all.

So, to be able to do this effectively, take all you have experienced in the past year as preparation for fresh challenges, even the not too pleasant ones! Remember that adage that says once beaten, twice shy? Take your lessons, don’t dwell; MOVE ON. What this mean is that if you have not made notes of your challenges and lessons learnt, then go back and do so. Next map out strategies that will help you avoid the same mistakes or help you maximize existing landmarks and opportunities. Of a truth, you shall excel IJMN. Have a great week ahead.

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SHM Weekly Charge_2013 Week 01_WHAT 2013 HOLDS FOR YOU!

Happy New Year, 2013_2Happy New Year my dear friends! Welcome to your brand new season. I know you have goals set; I know you are looking forward to having a great year. AND I JOIN MY FAITH WITH YOURS. In that incomparable name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I decree that you will achieve your goals and enjoy a new lease of life in 2013. In the name of Jehovah God, before whom I stand I decree that the elements – spiritual and physical would work for your good this year. This is what 2013 holds for you – IT SHALL BE YOUR BEST YEAR YET IJMN.

To kick-start that glorious year, can I suggest to you that you add the following prayer bullets to your prayers as you command your year? I have the assurance of the Almighty God that you will sing a new song of victory this year. If you were blessed last year, wait to see how high He will take you this year. If you struggled last year, then your season of stress and strain is over. Please pray them through.
(1) O Lord, let your cover of light and fire envelope me and my family throughout 2013 and beyond.
(2) Father, please have mercy on me throughout this year. Let your mercy speak all round favour and opened doors to the glory of your holy name.
(3) By your mighty hand, Father, add capacity to me; and insight to turn all my goals into reality. Connect me to my helpers IJMN.
(4) Father of all spirits, I reject the spirit of fear, backwardness, death, disease and pestilence in 2013. So let it be IJMN.
(5) With my mouth I confess that I live in abundance in 2013 and beyond IJMN. Thou doors of increase, open unto me IJMN.
(6) Father, I receive grace to rejoice in every situation; to praise you in every circumstance through-out 2013 IJMN.
Please can I humbly ask you to also pray for me and our ministry as the Spirit leads you? Many thanks.

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God bless your year. You shall excel IJMN. Shalom.

SHM Weekend Tonic_7th December 2012.


As you head into the 49th weekend of this year, I decree and declare
that God will not forget you. He who remembered Joseph in prison will
surely remember all your petitions, past and present.

I decree and declare that God will do a new thing in your life. Our
God that put a new song in Hannah’s mouth will do something fresh in
your life. Celebrations will burst forth in your house, to the glory
of His holy name.

Our God took a relatively unknown to the throne of Israel and never
forsook him. I decree and declare that that God of David will stand by
you and raise you up for the glorification of His holy name. Those who
have mocked you will celebrate you IJMN.

I decree and declare that you will not only encounter blessing, you
will become a blessing IJMN. When God reformed Paul, he not only was
blessed but went on to bless millions and continues to do so till
today. Regardless of your past, you too will sing a new song; and
everybody will acknowledge that God has visited you.

I decree and declare that you will not spend this season in mourning.
He who watches over Israel without sleep or slumber will guide and
guard you and your loved ones. He will hide you under the shadow of
His hands, for His name sake. You will cross over to the New Year in

As The Lord lives before whom I stand, so shall it be IJMN! Do you believe?

Have a great weekend, my dear friends.

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