Today is the last day in the 4th month of this year. Wow 121 days, 2,904 hours ans 174, 240 seconds would have been gone by the end of today. Yet, you are still here! No matter what you have gone through or going through; the fact that you are alive means you have a hope of a better tomorrow. Ecclesiastes 9 verse 4. Can you therefore join us in turning today into a day of thanksgiving?

Is anybody out there who wants to appreciate the Lord God Omnipotent for sparing his/her life, and those you love? Well, feel free to express your thanks after me – in the form of praise or worship or pictures! Trust me, He will appreciate all.

One thing I am sure of, you can beat me in tithes and offering, but you will not beat me in expressing my thanks. Let’s go there: Father, I thank you for all your kindness, you are greater than the greatest, higher than the highest! Any one else?


Read: 1 Cor. 15: 17 (NLT)

There are many ‘what if’ moments in our languages, in our conversations, in our daily exchange of ideas. This glorious resurrection morning I daresay that the greatest ‘what if’ that ought to occupy our hearts and minds today is “what if Christ had not risen from the dead as the prophets foretold and as He Himself restated?” The implication would have been earth shattering!

First, there will be no hope of any good life in the present. Why? One of His great missions was so that we may have life, in fact life more abundantly! He came to destroy the works of the devil. These would have been stopped dead cold in its tracks; the record of the world would have been that Satan defeated the last Adam, just as he defeated the first one. And there would have ended the redemptive hope of mankind. Thank God that is not our testimony!

Second and I think more importantly, there will be no hope of any better tomorrow – temporal or spiritual! I am sure many of us this resurrection morning will remember among many other songs, this one – “Because He lives I can face tomorrow”. My friends, the essence of that better tomorrow – on earth and in heaven – is anchored only on the fact that God says so, and is our perfect template for this? That the Lord Jesus Christ died at Calvary for all mankind, was buried, resurrected on the third day, and is now on the right hand of the Father – (a) making intercession for saints, and (b) waiting for the time only the Father knows to take the worthy home – one way or the other; that is by rapture or the resurrection of the dead in Christ.

I preached a sermon, many years ago now, of how the celebration of the resurrection of Christ Jesus is the greatest event Believers should look forward to, and celebrate; more than any in the Christian calendar. I still maintain this position. Some would ask, why? Even more than celebrating His birth? Yes, because this is the foundation of our faith as Christians. Take the resurrection event away, and the profession of our faith becomes hollow – IN ALL RESPECTS! His death on the cross for mankind’s sin is unique in its occurrence, and never since replicated! All other gods are in the lyrics of gospel artist, Buchi, “deader than dead!”, “He alone lives continually!” What a gift! What a message!! What a triumph!!!

So, today I join millions of my brothers and sisters to say – THANK YOU LORD JESUS for rising up from the dead as you promised! Thank you God the Father for quickening His mortal body by the power of your Spirit! This is our greatest testimony – yes He is alive – FOR EVER MORE! This the devil cannot counterfeit, not now, not even successfully during the tribulation period that I pray none of us will experience!

Go; tell it on the mountain, our God NEVER DIES. For this exact reason, I also believe, that some day, I shall live for eons too! Happy Easter celebrations my friends. May His resurrection power never fail in all our lives IJMN. You were created to excel, and excel you shall IJMN. Love from the Salvation House Family. Shalom.

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