Goals & Path To Realization

(First Published in 2016, Still Relevant)

By the grace of the Holy Spirit, I have been able to share twice on Goals. Much more importantly we give Him all the praise for the testimonies that have trailed those posts.

Today, I would like to share with you how to take your goals from conception stage to realization, an area where many dreams remain just that – dreams. I encourage you to be diligent in taking these steps, and stay with the process. As it works for me, I am sure it would work for you too.

Action Point 1. Write Down Your Goals & Keep Them In Your Face!

Write down the vision, make it plain upon the table, that he who sees them may run with them, says Scrupture. So, maybe most of us do in fact write them down. Then what? Haha! Caught you there! You are not alone if you just dump the goals in the note book, waiting for another time; or you know it’s there but .. yes, I will look them up again – someday!

I counsel that you put your goals where they can ‘confront’ you DAILY; where they can’t be ignored. This will ensure you constantly, consciously or otherwise think about them. And I am sure you have heard it said that when you constantly obsess about something, it eventually consumes you.

Choose a location best suited for you. Mine are my mobile gadgets – phone, tablet and laptop – my mobile offices! I have synchronized my calendar and Reminders with my goals, that they ‘annoyingly’ pop up at regular intervals. This drives me ‘nuts’ at times but they do work!

This way, they become my dominant thoughts; and I have no choice but to constantly work at them until realization.

Action Point 2. Allocate 30 Minutes/Day To Your Goals.

Spend at least 30 minutes every day on your goals – working on them, making plans, making adjustments where necessary.

Everybody claims to be busy, right? So, where will the 30 minutes come from? Let me show you where.

No matter how tight your schedule may be, research shows that there are activities you carry out which, for lack of better word, I will call “unproductive” (forgive me if that offends you😜). Examples – chatting, watching TV (gotcha!!!), even travel time on buses, taxis, trains (if you’re that lucky) etc. So, if you cut out 10 minutes out of any 3 of such activity, you have your 30 minutes, don’t you?

Now that you can get the 30 minutes, what do you do with them? Think about the goal(s). Ask yourself questions such as – “what do I need to do to get this show on the road?”; “what kind of resources would I need?”; “what options do I have to raise these resources?” “what kind of skill set/knowledge/expertise do I need to deploy?” “How do I acquire the required skill set/knowledge/expertise” etc.

If you do this diligently, you will suddenly realize that to achieve any goal is really not difficult. Once you set out the parameters, once they stare you in the face regularly, suddenly your mind begins the process of REFRAMING, tossing the idea around to see other perspectives. This brings illumination, trust me.

What you spend 30 minutes a day to focus on will sooner rather than later become so crystal clear to your mind that it no longer seem daunting. Let me give you an illustration of this –

If your goal is to lose weight (ouch! Sorry), spending 30 minutes on a treadmill or swimming might not appear to be much. But what do you think will happen if you do this everyday for 30 days? Point made? Okay! Thanks.

However, if you still cannot find 30 minutes of your valuable time to set aside for a goal, then maybe that goal isn’t a valuable one to start with. So, remove it from your list and stop wasting mental energy thinking about it.

Action Point 3. Ascertain Why You Need To Reach A Goal.

David the shepherd boy did not just rush into battle with Goliath. Oh no. He made enquiries as to the reward for victory before he plunged into battle! See, at times you need a burning desire to meet targets. This burning desire is what would keep you going when you inevitably come across obstacles, low points and frustrations.

So, you need to ask yourself what I call the “why” questions. “Why do I want a new steam of income?”; “Why am I setting fitness goals?”; “why, why, why?”

Once you get a clear answer, you must now remind yourself constantly your “why”. This will not only recharge your batteries but also fuel a burning desire in you; and I am sure you know that

a burning desire will always get an outlet.

Action Point 4. Get Supportive Help.

You have to surround yourself with people who are going in he same direction with you, or those who already reached the destination you’re headed for. It may be a mentor, an accountability partner or someone you can agree with concerning your goals. Someone who will complement you, encourage you and if need be put the boot to your rear end to get a move on already!

This might not necessarily be someone you know very well, or even a friend. You have to be proactive in seeking such people out; so long as you get the help you need.

Action Point 5. Set Yourself A Time-line For Achievement Of Set Goals.

Time is the most important resource available to man simply because every man, regardless of status has access to just 24 hours per day. And also because once lost, you cannot redeem it. So, you need to wisely utilize the limited time available.

To achieve this, I counsel that you set schedules to achieve each goal. This offers you pressure to keep working on realizing your goals, thereby help to sharpen your focus. Once you are able to set a realistic time-line you suddenly would need no promoting to focus on only those things that will enhance your realization of the goals. This will help you discipline your flesh (remember I mentioned this in 2016, Goals & Your Role. Please get this if you have not read it.)

On this action point I need to sound a note of caution. Do not be w slave to your own scheduling and time-line. Remember, the sabbath was made for man, not the her way round. If you chose your Supportive Help wisely, s/he should be able to help you deal with scheduling issues that I have no time to discuss here.

Action Point 6. Incentivize Yourself.

Human beings love to be appreciated, to be celebrated. It is said that the best way to get a smile on a person’s face is to reward him. So, set yourself rewards for achieving set goals within time. Nothing motivates like a reward, well earned.

It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, particularly if you’re still trying to build a business or profession. But it has to be enjoyable enough to make you want more. For me, I splurge on books when I hit a milestone. For you, it may be another motivation! But reward yourself!

It is my wish that you succeed and prosper. If you think I may be of any help, please get in touch with me. We will share our experience and help you with tips. My contact details are below:

salvationhouse@gmail.com or +2348098445165. You can also like our FaceBook page – SalvationHouse to get regular tips on life issues and success tips.

Now go and achieve!!! I love for you to succeed! Enjoy 2020!!!

© January 2016. Adewale Adeniji


SHM_Imagination, 2
Every new year, goals are set, strategies are agreed, and many look to the year with optimism. My dear friend, I need you to know that there is a deep spiritual element to what is eventually achieved. Some cultures have perfected the art I am about to encourage you with, and have taken that deep spiritual angle for granted by not even acknowledging it; but it is there.
It has to do with how far into your future you can see? I dare say it is not enough for you to have goals set; the real work is how to translate what is on paper to reality (remember that in Week 51 of last year, I reiterated the need to commit your goals to paper?)
Simply, what we need to translate these set goals into reality is our IMAGINATION. It was the same thing the Almighty God used in His re-creation work. With the darkness on the face of the deep, He brought forth those things which were not as though they already were! That is the power of imagination. And I have discovered that the most potent achievers are those who are ‘slaves’ to their imagination.
See, nobody can see what is in your imagination, so there is little chance your strategies would be stolen before you deploy them. You can become whatever you want in your imagination, and no demon from the pit of hell can see what is in your imagination, if you master the art positively.
How to horn your imaginative skills should be your next question. The answer is in our topic this week – HOW FAR CAN YOU SEE? If all you can see is just 2018 vis-a-vis your goals for 2018, then I am afraid you cannot really be as imaginative as you need. See far ahead into the future. Imagine what you are planning will be like in the life of your generations unborn. That was what the Almighty God wanted Abram to do when he asked him to imagine his generations as the stars of the sky!
And it is for this same reason that successfully run organizations plan for periods of long years not for singular years! Reason why 1st world nations plan for at least 5 years ahead on issues! Nigeria too started on this road at independence with the FIVE YEAR DEVELOPMENT PLANS, but which again, bad leadership canceled on the altar of expediency. See how moribund our infrastructure became! So, all I have been explaining above is the reason why you and I must see farther than we ever have this year! And I am certain we would reap the rewards abundantly! So, my friend, HOW FAR CAN YOU SEE?
See you next week by His grace. You shall excel In Jesus’ mighty name. We love you!
January 9th 2018. Salvation House/LexConsults Humanae International.

SHM Weekly Charge_2012 Week 50 _ Preparing For The New Year, Part 1.

Goal-setting, 9
My dear friends, today begins the 50th week of this 52 week year, and my charge to you this week is to begin your preparations for the coming calendar year (that is if you have not already started as some would surely have) by setting your goals for it.

If you look at God’s own template in Genesis chapters 1 and 2 you will discover that before He did anything, He first lays the foundation. For example, to create mankind (the crowning glory of His re-creative works) He set a goal of it for the Triune Head in verse 26 of chapter 1. My dear friends, this is the best model for all mankind who wish to tap into the blessings of the Almighty God. That foundation is goal setting. The Lord Jesus Christ also confirmed this in Luke 14: 28.

Goal setting is fashioning a road-map, a plan for the future. Essentially those things you have the hope to do, achieve, become; and more importantly the essence of your existence. Setting goals allow you live a focused, systematic life. Any hopes or aspirations you might have are mere dreams until you write them down and set them as goals. It is indeed the first step on the journey to realize your potentials. And I believe that your potentials are great indeed. There are many principles on goal setting that you may know or read about, but let me just say that your goals must be S.M.A.R.T, that is SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, ACHIEVABLE, RELEVANT and TIME-LIMITED.

I want to suggest to you, dear friends, that you set goals for the coming year in some specific areas of your life. Do not, however, make these suggestions sacrosanct. Let your individual needs be a proper guiding light; but please have specific areas where you would set goals. (1) Spiritual Goals. This is the foundation of all things you will get from the Almighty. Forget not that He has ALL things in His command. Set goals to spend more time with Him – to study Scripture more; Praise and Worship Him better; pray more; be of qualitative help to others etc. (2) Health Goals. My sad discovery is that in the quest for success, relevance and financial freedom, many ignore the dream-killing potential of ill-health. My biological father (himself a Pastor) used to drum it in my ears that a failing health is anathema to successful ministry. How true for all areas of human endeavour! So, set goals to get that medical check-up you have been avoiding. Set goals on what and how to eat, drink etc. (3) Family Goals. Set goals of finding a spouse or renewing the wine of that godly relationship; set parenting goals (how much time you need to set aside for the children while you can still influence them); set goals on your relationship with your extended family members (many only focus now on their nuclear families) (4) Financial Goals. Set goals on how to increase your value – what new knowledge to acquire or master; what to read; who to associate with as coach or mentor; set savings and investment targets etc. (5) Help Goals. Set goals on how to be useful to others – volunteering, coaching, mentoring etc.

It was Abraham Lincoln, the 16th American President who said, “A goal properly set is halfway reached”.
You will therefore discover that as you take time to put down your goals, the sub-text of each goal will begin to manifest in your mind. Please do yourself a favour and WRITE THEM DOWN as they come. It is immaterial whether what comes to your mind meets with your prior notion of what needs to be done. Trust me, this may save your destinies one way or the other.

Permit me to add that goal-setting is a tool that has worked for me, year in, year out since I first started deploying it since 1991. The interesting thing is that goal setting has afforded me amazing grace for discipline. It has encouraged me to focus like a laser beam on what my goals are; identify any conflicts with the set goals and avoid them like a plague. And I am still a work in progress!

My dear friends, I see 2013 as a year of great potentials. I charge you to steal a match on the year by setting your goals now. Ignore any predictions of hardship and/or doom for the coming year. Set your site on the Almighty God who has all seasons in His hands, who controls every situation; who can tilt any situation to your ADVANTAGE. Finally, do not set your goals with the aim of being self-reliant – ANCHOR THEM IN THE LORD GOD OMNIPOTENT, please. You shall excel IJMN. Shalom.

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