Happy Father’s Day, 2020!

In this video I celebrate myself and fathers the world over.


SHM_8th March_International Women's Day


8th of March every year is celebrated as International Women’s Day. And it is an auspicious opportunity to celebrate our women folk.

Women have come a long way since the dawn of life. They are many things to many people, mostly in my view for good. One thing though that perhaps we should celebrate more about our women-folk is that God has so designed them, that without them there can be no continuation of mankind’s civilisation. Think about that!

Without our women folk, there can be no procreation and birth! Because God does not make any mistake, there must be a reason for this! What could that reason be? I can fathom a guess.

Women are designed strong and intuitive. AND THEY ARE DESIGNED FOR IMPACT. Trust me, I know! And many wise men know this. They are able to shape lives in ways irreversible only by the Almighty, more than any man ever could. When you get graced with a good woman – as a mother, wife, sister, daughter or friend, then you can better appreciate my point.

So, on all days, and specially today, let us as individuals and society, honour, appreciate and love our women. Our lives would be better for it.

From this mountain, here is a shout out to all women – STRONG MAY YOUR HANDS REMAIN AS YOU MID-WIVE LIFES!

You shall excel In Jesus’ mighty name. We love you!

March 6th 2018. Salvation House/LexConsults Humanae International.




Encourage your spouse to flourish. By it you will stand beside a successful, grateful partner. Doing otherwise, for whatever reason, is the epitome of folly. We don’t want that, do we?

Let not simmering resentment rob you of the blessings of seeing your spouse succeed. See, no matter what he or she becomes, no one (not even the spouse) can validly discount your contribution. Even if no gratitude is shown to you, as some fear, you will benefit directly or indirectly. Someone close to your heart will be blessed by the prosperity/success/fulfillment of your spouse.

In any case, it is better, is it not, to sow that good seed and reap the rewards elsewhere? I encourage you today, assist your spouse to be the best he/she can be. You will be fulfilled thereby, trust me!

You shall excel In Jesus’ mighty name. We love you!

January 10th 2017. Salvation House.

SHM Weekly Message_2013 Week 07_What Is True Love?

Today, we should be posting the continuation of our series on 12 Keys To Better At Your Task in 2013, Part 3; but instead we would be talking about love. Next week by His grace, the series will continue.

My dear friends, no day dawns without God arranging for you and me to show love to another person. Not a single day. You will find that person on your way to work, at work, in your academic environment or your local assembly.

How well do we fare, you and I in showing the true love, that sacrificial love that puts the other first? Do we men, as sons, brothers, husbands, cousins, etc. show it? Do you as a daughter, sister, wife, cousin so it?

Today, the world has turned what agape love really is into erotic love, and in the process has commercialized and cheapened it. True love, Agape in nature and description does not, nay, cannot wait for a day named after a human being like you, Valentinus to show love. It is shown every day, from husbands to wives, no matter what her body shape is now, no matter the state of her finances, and I dare say vice versa! True love seeks in the weak to help, the homeless to shelter, the abused to comfort.

A brief history of what is now a day marked by the world as a day of love revolved round one Valentinus, an early Christian martyr who was murdered for amongst other things, arranging secret weddings for Roman soldiers who were denied the right to be married. However, this day was first associated with romantic love in the circle of an English Poet, Geoffrey Chaucer in the High Middle Ages when the tradition of courtly love flourished. By the 15th century, it had evolved into a romantic occasion when lovers (note it does not emphasise lawfully married couples) expressed their love for each other by presenting flowers, offering confectionery, and sending greeting cards.

Today however, it has become a commercial bonanza without bounds and limits. Today, all over the world hotels and chalets will be fully booked; in many of those places, immorality will be at its peak; and while Satan haves a good laugh, heaven will watch embarrassed; because THIS IS NOT THE EXPRESSION OF LOVE!

My dear and wonderful friends, if today (February 14th) is the day mankind has set aside to show love (a different genus thereof!), then any wonder why our world is as it is? JUST MUSING ALOUD, my dear friends.

Whatever you choose to use today to do, be safe. Aii?

Love you all lots! Shalom.15432088-love-a-people-give-anoher-one-a-heart

SHM Weekly Charge_2013 Week 04_Financial Freedom – Before You Spend, Earn.


Reading Text: Luke 14 verse 28.

It was an economist who theorized that the needs of man are insatiable. Meaning? Man’s thirst for acquisition is difficult to curb; ‘difficult’, not ‘impossible’. I know from personal experience and research that many have eaten (i.e. spent) themselves out of fortunes – and it is my fervent prayer that you, my dear friend, would avoid this pitfall this New Year.

A while back, while researching for a book, I decided to try on an empirical level a habit that my biological father taught me many years back – to keep tab of every of my expense, even the most minute in terms of amount. I had not done this faithfully since he and I had that chat about financial freedom when I was getting married. But now I kept all receipts, made notes of all expenses not normally receipted – everything including cash gifts to others. My discovery knocked a lot of sense into me. In the space of three (3) months, and on expenditure that had nothing to do with housekeeping, education or even parental care, I had spent money enough to buy a small car! Bear in mind please that I live in a cultural environment where friends, relatives and even casual acquaintances EXPECT you to help out financially, which although is biblical, but often carried utilized for extraneous needs. I will give a quick example – a friend or relative would announce a party and EXPECT that you have to buy celebratory clothing (called Aso Ebi in my local language), or even contribute to the expenses of the celebrations! I am sure you have other examples!

So, my wife and I decided that we will stop spending another kobo (unit of Nigerian currency) upon non-essentials without earning at least 10 times the amount! The impact was IMMEDIATE. First, our savings grew exponentially. Second, it immediately reduced our circle of ‘friends’! Third, we became happier as we were able to meet without effort all Godly expectations of us as His children, spouse, parents and ministers of the gospel.

This year, I charge you dear friends to earn before you spend; maybe not with my own formular above, but with a ratio you seem comfortable with. If it does nothing else for you, I am positive it will improve your savings and give you a better chance of financial freedom. This in itself will bring you peace of mind. As the Lord Jesus Christ advises in our chosen text, count the cost before you embark on any financial commitment. Many of us go through life spending ourselves out of a fortune because we are keen on keeping appearances. See, whatever a man thinks about you is their opinion, pure and simple! It is what the Lord thinks about you that ultimately matters.

I see financial freedom in your horizon. I see you being able to meet your godly expectations without stress; and I see your life expectancy increase as a result thereof. I see you being of more value to your family and society as you earn before you spend.

P.S.: For the month of February 2013, our weekly charges to you shall be on HOW TO BE BETTER AT YOUR JOB/BUSINESS/ACADEMICS in 2013. Please keep a date with us, and encourage your friends to also. You are created to excel, and excel you shall IJMN. Have a great week ahead. God bless you.

SHM Message at Christmas.

Merry Christmas, 1My dear friends, once again on behalf of Pastor K and I, Merry Christmas! I pray you have a wonderful celebration. Permit me to take a little of your celebration time to say something to you about the real essence of Christmas; hoping I am not barging in on your celebrations. In any case if you are reading this, maybe I am not disturbing your celebrations after all!

If you take time to read Isaiah 9 verses 6-7, you will discover that the real essence of celebrating the occasion of the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ is to remember that He came to offer the last chance to mankind to fulfill our God-given destiny, and be grateful for it.

To fulfill his potentials, mankind must to align with God, His will and purpose. He after all is the originator of all good things. And Jesus Christ is THE ONLY MEDIUM. The good thing is that this is a painless alternative, and it is free to boot! Without re-aligning with God, man’s life will be fruitless toil as we can see from John 15:5. I pray that will not be your own portion IJMN.

So, as you wine, dine and visit during this declared season of festivities, kindly remember the real essence of Christmas – celebrating He who came to reconcile mankind to his destiny. It is not about any other thing, item or fantasy. It should therefore be a time to offer thanksgiving to God the Father for the fulfillment of His promise of a Wonder for all times, a Counsellor, the Mighty God, the everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace; the agent of change.

My dear friends, as this season marks a new beginning for mankind, I decree and declare that you shall have a new beginning in every area of your life. The birth of the Lord Jesus brought joy into the world; in that name that is above every other name I decree and declare that every weeping heart will receive joy and as many who already have joy, that gift of God will never cease from your lives.

Now, please get back to your family and friends. Common, go on! Have a wonderful time, y’all!!!

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