Happy Father’s Day, 2020!

In this video I celebrate myself and fathers the world over.

How To Get Emotional Intelligence, Episode 6

In this episode we discuss the second part of our the fundamentals of Emotional Intelligence where I explained how the 4 principles of EQ can be developed. I explained the 3 main models of EQ, and reiterated in conclusion that the amazing thing is that the essentials, competences and principles discussed in these 2 episodes – 5 and 6 – can be learnt. 

LifeStyle Bytes: WORRY.

LifeStyle Bytes: LACK OF SET GOALS.

LifeStyle Byte Series: I speak up Against RAPE!

In this episode, I condemn in its entirety the rape of women; and made a call to action for you, yes you, to join me!

Will you? If you require help with this issue please get in touch with us at http://www.adewaleadenijicoaching.com or send an email to coachade@adewaleadenijicoaching.com.

Emotional Intelligence, Episode 5 – Fundamentals Of EQ, Part 1.

In this episode we discuss first part of our fundamentals of Emotional Intelligence where we defined the phrase, explained its origin, explored its competences, and explained its 12 components.

Emotional Intelligence, Episode 4 – Gamut of Human Emotions.

Emotional Intelligence, Episode 3 – Life Regulation.

Emotional Intelligence, Episode 2 – Evolution of the Study of Emotions.

Emotional Intelligence, Episode 2

Emotional Intelligence, Episode 1 – Introduction to Emotions.

Emotional Intelligence, Episode 1

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