SHM REFLECTIONS_You Are What You Think.

Blessed day to you all, dear friends. Do you know that man is no more than the sum total of his thoughts? Even God knows this, hence the advanced mind and free will He gave man.

Simple though it may appear that little things rule over large ones, many still cannot wrap their minds around this fact. Let me illustrate with practical examples. As large as the aero plane is small parts, compared to its size, propel and keep it going. Similarly for large ship carriers. The exact same thing for man. How small, compared to the body is the tongue? Does it not determine destinies? I hope you get the picture? Your mind is in this exact category!

So, what do you dwell on? It has been proved that what a man thinks about most of the time becomes a pattern, which becomes a habit, which forms his character, which decides his life!

I encourage you therefore dear friend, check what you think about, what you allow to dominate your thought process. Your thoughts are really the currency of your personal economy, not physical cash which is just a medium of exchange.

Have a great week ahead thinking thoughts that will edify, elevate and proffer solutions to problems that needs solving. This way, you will cause God’s glory to radiate in and through you!

We love you! Shalom. #SHM



The month of December holds several meanings for diverse souls. For some, it is a time for celebration – for goals achieved, destinies on course, dreams fulfilled. However for some, it is a time for deep reflection on opportunities missed, targets unrealized. Some would reckon they were ‘right’ all along not to bother at all because nothing seems to work for them. BUT I HAVE GOOD NEWS FOR ALL! No matter which category you or yours may belong to, hear this for December:

In the matchless name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I decree and declare that evil of any description will see you and flee because nothing will remove you from the cleft of His hand. You will not be overwhelmed, rather you shall overcome IJMN.

Your life will not crash land, you will not be troubled. You will not be helpless. You will not be stranded. You will not loose your investment, neither will your resources be wasted. Those goals shall come home to roost, those dreams shall receive renewal IJMN.

His glory, destined for your life shall manifest. All glory chasers shall loose the battle over your destiny because of the blood covenant. It is written that eyes have not seen, ears have not heard. Yes, for you, the glory of the latter days shall surpass that of the former. There is still time left this year, for the Lord God Almighty to surprise you; and He shall do it!

Every good thing that The Lord has done in your life shall remain yours. Destiny changers shall always be frustrated when it comes to you; He will keep his banner firmly over you and yours! and many will continue to marvel at his faithfulness in your life.

The Spirit of The Lord has said these; and be it according to you by thy faith. Shalom!!!

Happy New Month.

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We love you. God bless you!

SHM REFLECTIONS_Who Shall Answer The Clarion Call?


My mentor said this – “It is an abuse of human destiny for anyone created in the image of God to go to bed without food or proper shelter”. I agree! I agree!! I agree!!! It is, no matter how many variables those in governance would put on it. It is, no matter the amount of justification many would use to salve their consciences. It is, regardless of what many arguments by some about how they ‘fought’ to overcome such adversity, without handouts!

You and I can do something about it, though. Look around you, and I assure you there is that someone you can help. Have you ever nothing the joy on the human face when you do a good turn for them? I have, many times. Trust me, money cannot buy it! THERE WILL ALWAYS BE SOMEBODY AROUND YOU TO HELP!!!

The Lord is asking someone reading this today – WHO CAN I SEND, WHO WILL GO FOR ME. To do what? To put a smile on the face of someone hungry, someone without decent shelter. The answer, my friends, you alone can give.

But as for me and my family ….

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Shalom. We love you!


You do know, don’t you dear friend, that you are as good as the people around you? That you cannot rise beyond the level of the person(s) who influences you?Who are your friends; with whom do you associate? What do they talk about? What do they read? What are their values? How do they live their own lives?

Be wise! Do not be unequally yoked! You are better off with those you can learn from, those you can look up to? Those whose lives reflect their profession. Doers, not just talkers. Who is mentoring you? Whose voice do you listen to? Who do you submit to? Ponder these things my friends! Your destiny may depend on it.

Stay blessed! #SHM #Mentoring


Prayer, 10My dear friends, this is our first prayer session in this new quarter of wisdom. I want to bless the name of the Lord for your lives that you are still here and bale to pray along with us. I have the assurance of the Spirit of the Living God that if you pray these prayers faithfully, you shall sing a new song IJMN.

I want to thank God for the testimonies we continue to receive. To Him be all glory, honour and adoration. His praise in the lips of all testifiers will never cease IJMN. For those who are yet to testify, be at peace, this month shall be your month of manifold testimonies IJMN. Let us share in your testimonies. Kindly mail them to; or in box us. God bless you.

Bible Passage for May Prayers:

Gen 28:15 (MSG): “Yes. I’ll stay with you, I’ll protect you wherever you go, and I’ll bring you back to this very ground. I’ll stick with you until I’ve done everything I promised you.”

1. Father, I thank you that I am still alive to realize my destiny in you. May your Holy name be praised forever.
2. Every force arrayed against my destiny in Christ Jesus, the power in the blood of Jesus speaks against your potency from today in Jesus’ mighty name.
3. I refuse to be removed from the divine agenda for my life, by forces past or present, in the name of Jesus.
4. O Lord, shake me to my senses where I have made mistakes. Awaken in me holy anger towards sin in Jesus mighty name.
5. Father, as you promised in your word, thank you because you will shepherd me to my place of destiny.
Please pray this diligently all through this month and you shall see the manifestation of His power.

You shall all excel IJMN!

We love you.

SHM Weekly Charge_2013 Week 03_Jesus Christ, The Game Changer.

Jesus, 01My dear friends, how has your year been so far? Mine is shaping up wonderfully well in Christ Jesus.

The Scripture says that there is no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus. None whatsoever, regardless of the fellow’s past. The basis for this is that the Lord Jesus Christ sacrificed Himself that mankind can leverage on salvation and have a good life. In our ministry this is our revelation of Romans 8. That with your salvation assured, nothing can hold you back from enjoying your God-ordained destiny to have dominion.

Today, I am led of the Holy Spirit to share with you that long delayed destinies (which Hebrews 4 verse 3 tells us were already determined from the foundation of the world) will only begin to manifest when the owners of such destinies are fully in Christ Jesus. I will explain myself.

It is not uncommon for many to feel and behave as if their destiny is pre-ordained to be bad; that it is their lot to struggle through life, generation after generation. My dear friends, nothing can be further from the will of God for mankind. For one thing, God created mankind perfectly, and for dominion. But sin truncated that destiny. Secondly, despite this God pre-planned a way out. Because He created mankind with free will, God knew mankind could mess up, so He pre-arranged for his redemption before he sinned! That is what Revelation 13 vs. 8b means – crucifixion of Christ the Lamb had been preordained from the foundation of the world! This means Jesus Christ had been crucified in the Spirit before he was physically nailed to Calvary’s cross over 2000 years ago. So, there is no need for any destiny to suffer.

The implication for you dear reader is this – your destiny cannot be bad because Jesus Christ had already fully paid the price for any offense that can harm mankind’s destiny, past, present or even future offenses! So, my first charge you this week is that you stop confessing that any destiny is bad, or worse still in our local environment that a human being somewhere, or circumstances you do not know or approve of have compromised your destiny!

If you are a new creature, of a truth old things have passed away and all things have become brand new. All because the Lord Jesus Christ is the game changer, the joker card in the deck of life. That is why I can boldly declare as a man ordained of God to touch destinies – YOUR TOMORROW IS ALRIGHT! However, my dear friends, destined to struggle are those lives that struggle with the reality of the Lord, Jesus Christ. There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING such lives can durably accomplish outside of Christ.

My second charge dear friends, is for you to review your relationship with this game changer. If He were to return today (as He would one day), would you make it to reign with Him? If you are not so sure, please say this prayer – LORD JESUS, I CONFESS THAT I AM A SINNER. PLEASE FORGIVE ME MY SINS. I CONFESS YOU AS MY PERSONAL LORD AND SAVIOUR. I NEED YOUR HELP TO LIVE FREE OF THE CONDEMNATION OF SIN FROM TODAY AND TO ENJOY MY GLORIOUS DESTINY. COME INTO MY LIFE TODAY AND REIGN FOREVER. If you said that prayer honestly, congratulations you are saved!

How honestly you answered that last question would determine how easy this promising year turns out for you. You were created to excel and excel you shall. Have a great week!

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