SHM PRAYS_31st March 2016.

1. Father, thank you for the end of the 1st Quarter of 2016. By your mercy we have not been consumed since January 1st. Blessed be your Holy name.

2. As we proceed in the year, your mercy that has kept up this far will avail for us thought out the remainder of the year.

3. Our help in ages past, make a way for our nation as we transit from lawlessness to accountability. Give our leaders at all levels of governance a heart of meat, not of stone; to do the right thing by our nation and its citizens.

4. We pray your peace over every family unit. None shall be cast young in our midst In Jesus’ mighty name. Build an edge of fire around us and ours from the antics of the enemy of our soul.

5. Your word turned around the famine in Samaria; Lord turn our personal economies and that of this nation around by the power of our confession and the result of our hard work.

6. It is not of he that wills or of he that runs; so Lord show me your abundant mercy in my personal economy. Where many may see a casting down, I see a lifting in all areas of my finances In Jesus’ mighty name.

7. I receive unction for unique ideas to add value to others and prosper there by In Jesus’ mighty name.
Praise God for answered prayers. It is well.
We love you!


In the mighty name of #Jesus none of you will be totally helpless, left at the mercy of spiritual and financial undertakers! Help will come for you in places you never expected. You will not be stranded. 
No devious character will take advantage of you or your children in #Jesus’ mighty name! 
As a vessel of the living God I decree and declare that whatever you may have lost shall be restored unto you seven fold! 
Have a great week ahead. You shall testify. We love you! Shalom.


Psalm 127:3.

@SalvationHouse: We pray for all #children today. Regardless of your background or opportunity quotient, we decree God’s #abundance and #favor your way IJMN!

SHM PRAYS: Mountains Move!!!


It is for them to gather, it is for my Father to scatter. I decree and declare – every sworn enemy or ‘frenemy’ of your life shall scatter IJMN!

Every situation, every obstacle that refuses to budge, the boulder of the Rock of Ages shall move them IJMN. Nothing compares to the power of #Jehovah, all mountains MOVE!!!

I perceive in my spirit that someone out there needs a helping hand RIGHT NOW. In the matchless name of The Lord #Jesus your destiny helpers shall locate you TODAY!!! Every limitation, every barrier to help, MOVE IJMN!!!

Miracles will happen just for you, favour will locate you, His mercy will speak for you. Where many may see a casting down, yours shall be a lifting up IJMN!

Your season to rejoice has come!

Do you believe? Matthew 9 vs. 29B!

We love you!

SHM PRAYS_Prayers For Generational Dominion & Relevance.

Dear friends, apart from fellowship, the other reason God created you and me is to have dominion, to positively influence and change our environment. This will be the focus of our prayers today. I encourage you to pray these prayer bullets through in faith and you will see the glory of God.

(1) I receive anointing to solve problems, in my life and in the life of many far and near me IJMN.

(2) I will make a difference in my generation. I will not just go through life. I will impact my world positively to the glory of my God.

(3) My children will be able to do 1 and 2 better than I could ever do them IJMN.

Because the Lord will honour His word above His name, He will honour your faith and answer as you pray through IJMN.

You are created to excel and excel you shall! We love you! Shalom.



The month of December holds several meanings for diverse souls. For some, it is a time for celebration – for goals achieved, destinies on course, dreams fulfilled. However for some, it is a time for deep reflection on opportunities missed, targets unrealized. Some would reckon they were ‘right’ all along not to bother at all because nothing seems to work for them. BUT I HAVE GOOD NEWS FOR ALL! No matter which category you or yours may belong to, hear this for December:

In the matchless name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I decree and declare that evil of any description will see you and flee because nothing will remove you from the cleft of His hand. You will not be overwhelmed, rather you shall overcome IJMN.

Your life will not crash land, you will not be troubled. You will not be helpless. You will not be stranded. You will not loose your investment, neither will your resources be wasted. Those goals shall come home to roost, those dreams shall receive renewal IJMN.

His glory, destined for your life shall manifest. All glory chasers shall loose the battle over your destiny because of the blood covenant. It is written that eyes have not seen, ears have not heard. Yes, for you, the glory of the latter days shall surpass that of the former. There is still time left this year, for the Lord God Almighty to surprise you; and He shall do it!

Every good thing that The Lord has done in your life shall remain yours. Destiny changers shall always be frustrated when it comes to you; He will keep his banner firmly over you and yours! and many will continue to marvel at his faithfulness in your life.

The Spirit of The Lord has said these; and be it according to you by thy faith. Shalom!!!

Happy New Month.

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We love you. God bless you!



This week, your appointment with failure us cancelled. Your date with success us confirmed IJMN.

You shall go from glory to glory, from strength to strength. The joy if the Lord shall be your portion. On the road to success, you shall encounter favor, engage with mercy and relate with contentment.

Receive capacity to do well in all you lay your hands upon. The blood that conquered satan will shield you from all manner of opposition.

We shall share in your testimony IJMN. Have a great day!

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God bless.


According to Scripture, the ears of The Lord are not heavy that He cannot hear us. He is ever ready to listen, to help, to direct, to answer. But according to another piece of Scripture, many pray amiss.

So this week, we want to encourage ourselves to pray through, to pray in a focused manner. The Lord Jesus Christ said men ought to pray and not faint. We encourage you to add these prayer points to your prayer menu this week.

1. Father, open my inner eyes to my situation. Help me see what I really need per time. Not what I want but what I need.

2. Give me a revelation from your Word, direction in due season. I refuse to beat about the bush anymore. Send me in the direction of my help!

Believe, and you shall testify IJMN. We love you! Shalom.


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No one can curse whom The Lord has blessed. Therefore, I prophesy into someone’s life today – ALL THE PROMISES AND DECLARATIONS OF MY GOD OVER YOUR LIFE SHALL BEGIN TO MANIFEST NOW IJMN, REGARDLESS OF YOUR CURRENT STATUS!

What cannot thwart #JesusChrist will not be able to frustrate you anymore. By the mercies of my God doors of joy will open unto you of their own accord!

Have a fruitful week. We love you! #SHM #PROPHETICDECLARATIONS #PRAYERS

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