As You Prepare For The New Year.

Today, you should reflect on how the year has been for you.

For some, there will be the temptation to regard the outgoing year as one of little achievement. Can I humbly appeal to such people to resist that temptation vigorously. Doubtless there would be things you wish had turned out better; but remember the truth of Scripture – that a living dog is better than a dead lion (Eccl. 9: 4) and be thankful for life. I have a strong conviction in my spirit that you shall excel yet, so do not despair.

For as many who have reasons to say, Lord I thank you; I want you to know this – you have not seen anything yet. You shall achieve more, you shall celebrate more, His glory shall rise in your life for the world to see more in the coming year. You shall continue to excel.

For those with health challenges, know this – Jehovah God will arise for you in the new year with healing in His wings; for those with financial challenges, He who has silver and gold will ensure that your financial miracle surfaces; for the student with academic challenges, He who gave Daniel grace for excellence will remember you for good. I see a transformation in your brain, it is rewired for excellence IJMN. For the spinster or bachelor, I see your life being filed with genuine love, so be expectant.

For others out there who may feel left behind in the seasons and promises of their lives, I see you fulfilling purpose under the power of the Holy Ghost. I see everything turning around for your good. I see Psalm 126: 1 manifesting in your situations! Selah.

For all who read this, I am led to advice thus: 2012 shall be a year of victory for many. For this reason add this prayer to those you are already praying as you wait for the dawn of a new era in your life: I SHALL NOT CARRY OVER BAD THINGS INTO 2012 IJMN. You shall be victorious.

By the unction of His Spirit, we shall have more prayers to pray as we commence the year of your manifestation IJMN. So, please stay with this. You are created to excel and excel you shall IJMN.

We encourage you to please forward this to as many as you feel need it. God bless you as you be a channel of blessing. Shalom.

Salvation House Ministries, 31st December 2012.

This Too Shall Pass!

Prophet Isaiah talked about gross darkness covering people (Isaiah 60: 2). What this mean might be opposition, it might be financial struggle, it mightt mean a gang-up against your dream/vision. It might mean diverse things. What is important is that something or some forces are bent on stressing your life. This may manifest in your work, in your children’s life, in your church, wherever.

I am led to tell you, child of God, that it will not overwhelm you. It is often the beginning of a new dawn if you understand the times and the seasons. Why? After every darkness comes sunlight. Darkness WILL ALWAYS GIVE IN TO LIGHT. According to Psalm 126: 1, when the Lord turns your captivity, what appears impossible will manifest.

So, I pray for you today, because gross darkness could not keep Jesus Christ in the grave, you will come out of your troubles. This season too will pass. You are the head, you will never be the tail. A thousand shall fall at thy right side, ten thousand on your left, but trouble will not overwhelm you. Let them gather, it will make your victory sweet.

Go out and prosper. You are created to excel, and a gathering of forces of reaction will not pull you down, because you are set above powers and principalities, above rulers of the places of darkness, above spiritual wickedness in high places. Selah.

What December Holds For You.

Text: Jeremiah 29: 11.
“For I know the thoughts I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end”.

Friends, welcome to the month of December. In the Gregorian calendar, the uniqueness of the month is such that it is the footman of an expiring cycle, and at the same time the gateway to another! I want you to please bear this in mind as you understand my wishes and prayers for you this month.

The Almighty God never forgets any of His creation. This is my understanding and interpretation of Isaiah 49:15 and Psalm 147:4. How much more would He not forget those He created in His own image and after His likeness; those whom Romans 8:17 call Joint-heirs with The Lord Jesus Christ. Why is this so? He expects each human being to be fruitful and multiply, so that mankind can take dominion over they earth. This has been God’s enduring project.

It is for this precise reason therefore, that God never gives up on anybody, regardless of that person’s current state or circumstance. We see this entrenched in the parable of the lost sheep taught us by the Lord Jesus Christ in Luke 15:3-7. That is why I encourage you as you enter into December to keep on believing that your tomorrow will indeed be alright. Let me reiterate that from the beginning of all beginnings, God already set a Divine purpose for your life. He wants you to have. Ball-round wholeness, as the Bible states in 3 John verse 2.

To achieve this I need you to understand that you have an appointment with God, which appointment is not over until God says it is over! Due to circumstance or situation you may think all your good days are over, or that you will not have good days at all. But, dear friend, listen to me – according to Ecclesiastes 9:4-5, the very fact that you are still alive says all hopes are not yet lost – in your marital or love relationships, in your financial pursuits, or in your walk with God. Being alive means that the Almighty God is not through with you yet.

So, every time the devil, or any of his agents, physical or metaphysical tell you that you are going down, that you will not make it, or that you will die, or that you are going to cave in, or there is no escape route for you, tell him for me, “you are a liar … Greater is He who is in me than who is in the world. I have an apointment with the creator of all things. He has defeated you many times, and He will continue to do so. Your conqueror is the glory and the lifter up of my head!”

For the above reason, I boldly prophesy into your life now – because your destiny still awaits you tomorrow, even as December winds down, your life will not wind down IJMN. As December is a gateway to the dawn of another year, this month will usher in great blessings and opportunities for your future. You are created to excel, and excel you shall IJMN. Shalom.

(Be a blessing to many, please rebroadcast. God bless you as you do so. Amen.)

Salvation House, 1st December, 2011.

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