Read: John 8:31-59.

We may be speaking our truth, yet be wrong. Because it depends on what that truth is.

The Jews in our text, while disputing with Jesus thought they were right (their understanding of the truth) in who they were but it became clear they were so wrong; because their truth could not stand up to the truth of the revelation of God’s Messiah.

So, today I encourage us to pause, think and evaluate our truths. What values do we profess? What understanding do we have of ourselves in God? If held to the light of God’s true word, would our truths and understandings be true?

Enjoy your day! We love you.

©️ SHM. 16th January 2020.


Hello again dear friends, how has our week been? Mine has been glorious, thank God!

This week, laid on my heart to share and encourage us with is combativeness. This noun shows a state of being ready to argue or fight, ultimately leading to being characterized as being pugnacious! Not a nice way to describe anybody, yes? But the reality is that once in a while like that we just feel like ‘sticking it to the other person, do we not?

Now, my own experience is that after my combative encounter I often feel that maybe I came on too strongly? 🙈 So, been there, done that! Ok, so this piece is not about being judgmental.

How do we think people we have ban combative with feel, during and after each encounter? This should sharpen our understanding of the real problem of being combative. If we reckon such people feel happy and left the conversation feeling better, then being combative would be a good thing; but that never happens, does it? Often than not those on the receiving end would leave unhappy and wonder what just hit them!

Now, if we accept that every human being is an extension of God, then our manner of discuss amongst ourselves, in public and privately should take on a civil tone and manner , shouldn’t it. And we should also understand the ‘manner’ part of what I just said above. Some folk have mastered the art of speaking evenly in low tones, but their body language can dice a rock in half!

So, what to do? I believe the book of Hebrews has the perfect recipe – Follow peace with ALL men and holiness, without which no man can see God! When we get on that train, trust me, our combative nature will reduce and gradually diminish. God bless us as we begin to try.

You shall excel In Jesus’ mighty name. We love you!

September 19th 2017. Salvation House.

SHM Weekly Message_2013 Week 07_What Is True Love?

Today, we should be posting the continuation of our series on 12 Keys To Better At Your Task in 2013, Part 3; but instead we would be talking about love. Next week by His grace, the series will continue.

My dear friends, no day dawns without God arranging for you and me to show love to another person. Not a single day. You will find that person on your way to work, at work, in your academic environment or your local assembly.

How well do we fare, you and I in showing the true love, that sacrificial love that puts the other first? Do we men, as sons, brothers, husbands, cousins, etc. show it? Do you as a daughter, sister, wife, cousin so it?

Today, the world has turned what agape love really is into erotic love, and in the process has commercialized and cheapened it. True love, Agape in nature and description does not, nay, cannot wait for a day named after a human being like you, Valentinus to show love. It is shown every day, from husbands to wives, no matter what her body shape is now, no matter the state of her finances, and I dare say vice versa! True love seeks in the weak to help, the homeless to shelter, the abused to comfort.

A brief history of what is now a day marked by the world as a day of love revolved round one Valentinus, an early Christian martyr who was murdered for amongst other things, arranging secret weddings for Roman soldiers who were denied the right to be married. However, this day was first associated with romantic love in the circle of an English Poet, Geoffrey Chaucer in the High Middle Ages when the tradition of courtly love flourished. By the 15th century, it had evolved into a romantic occasion when lovers (note it does not emphasise lawfully married couples) expressed their love for each other by presenting flowers, offering confectionery, and sending greeting cards.

Today however, it has become a commercial bonanza without bounds and limits. Today, all over the world hotels and chalets will be fully booked; in many of those places, immorality will be at its peak; and while Satan haves a good laugh, heaven will watch embarrassed; because THIS IS NOT THE EXPRESSION OF LOVE!

My dear and wonderful friends, if today (February 14th) is the day mankind has set aside to show love (a different genus thereof!), then any wonder why our world is as it is? JUST MUSING ALOUD, my dear friends.

Whatever you choose to use today to do, be safe. Aii?

Love you all lots! Shalom.15432088-love-a-people-give-anoher-one-a-heart

SHM Weekend Tonic_28/09/2012_Heaps Upon Heaps!



SHM Weekend Tonic_28/09/2012_Heaps Upon Heaps!

It was an ordinary day like this, it involved human beings like us. They came upon the anointed of God, not in peace but with anger and hatred. They had just manipulated members of his family,

breaching his natural line of defense. He was bound, giving them unfair advantage. So They assumed by their number and chicanery that they would have the upper hand. They reasoned like men. 

He saw them coming, he knew their number; but just Iike one who knew his God, he slew them under the anointing, heap upon heaps! Not one of his assailants remained, not a single one of them! They were trounced, vanquished! Why? Those who know their God shall not only be strong, of a truth we will do exploits!

I don’t care much about what you may be going through because I know the name by which all solutions are called. I spare no thought for those arrayed against you, physically or in realms other than the physical because I know Someone, at the mention of whose name all knees bow. It is that Being that I represent and from who I bring you this word of assurance and victory today.

As one called of God Almighty to empower and lead people to successful lives in preparation for eternity, I hereby decree – in that name above every other name every force, every power, every principality arrayed against you and what gives you joy shall be brought to their knees IJMN. Regardless of their source of power, I plead the blood covenant against them today, they are rendered powerless over your life! As far as death could not hold my Jesus captive, I decree freedom in all your ways. You shall triumph over all your problems. From today, because His mercy prevails over judgment, I cancel every handwriting of the enemy over your life. You are blessed, and you will become a blessing also. The name of the Lord shall be magnified in your life. Those who want you kept down will become your stepping stones to glory in the matchless name of Jesus Christ!

As you enter into this weekend, I say to you – heap upon heaps, that is how your troubles, your problems, your anxieties shall crumble and be stacked together to the glory of His name. The word has already gone out now so it is too late for those who oppose you to do anything about it. Selah! 

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