SHM Weekly Showers

imageMy dear friends, as this new week dawns, we decree open heavens over your lives. Many might be the devices of the enemy of your souls, but the power in the blood of Jesus Christ shall nullify them all.

Wherever you go this week, we command the elements to work to your favor. Men and women will go out of their way to favor you. In blessing, you are blessed. Your seed after you shall also receive favor of The Lord. You will not fail, you will not mourn. The Lord will make a way for you where there appears to be none. We cover you in the blood of Jesus Christ.

In return, please ensure that you have been to Jesus Christ for the cleansing blood. if not, confess Him with your mouth today as your personal Lord and Savior. Then, go on and show kindness to someone new, someone different from members of your immediate family; put a smile on another’s face for God this week.

You shall excel IJMN. We love you!
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SHM Youth Prays_April 2013.

Prayer, 50Another quarter, my dear friends, and the year is already full steam ahead! We thank God for the New Beginning of the last quarter, and for the hope of Wisdom to excel and show forth His glory of this quarter. By now, you should have attempted an honest review of your goals for the first quarter of the year. How have you fared? Receive grace to achieve more this quarter IJMN.

I want to thank God for the testimonies we received, particularly from the last GAME CHANGER PRAYERS. Glory to the Lord in the highest. Let us share in your testimonies. Kindly mail them to; or in box us. God bless you.

Bible Passages for April Prayers: 1 Chronicles 4: 9-10; Hebrews 10: 23.

1. My Father and my God, in the journey of life – of a rewarding job and career, of success, of settled and happy marriage, of good health and wealth, I (Insert your name) shall not be left behind IJMN.

2. By the power in the precious blood of Jesus Christ, I (Insert your name) will receive a new name – for glory and power. My generation shall hear of my story for good IJMN.

3. Father, your name will be glorified in my life, no matter my current situation. I confess that I am a city that is set upon a hill that cannot be hid.

You shall all excel IJMN!
We love you.

SHM Weekend Tonic_19/10/2012 – The Blood of His Covenant


My dear friends, as we head into this weekend, I hope your week has been good, and that you realized some of your goals? The Lord be praised.


There is a covering that shelters from all adverse conditions and situations. It is a covering that operates in all dimensions of existence, spiritual and physical. It is powered by the very essence of Jehovah Himself. Against this offering, there can be no opposition, because flowing through it is the eternal Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ; and in it the Executive powers of the Holy Spirit is manifested. This covering, dear friends is the BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST.

It is not uncommon for people in difficult or threatening situations to call out thus – “blood of Jesus”; and do not be surprised that this phrase finds its way into the mouth of even those who do not profess the Christian faith (mind, I did not say ‘religion’ but FAITH). 

There is no power comparable to the precious blood of the Lamb simply because as I mentioned above, it carries the essence of the Triune God. No matter the affliction, no matter the oppression, no matter the curse, not matter the stronghold, the power in the blood of Jesus will always triumph. Why? It is simple really. Sin (directly or indirectly; personally committed or inherited from forebears) is behind every oppression and manipulation of powers lesser in authority and reach than the power of the God of the Bible. It is an eternal principle that punishment will always follow sin. The only allowed exception for this is committing to the covenant in the blood of Jesus.

That covenant is entered into by (1) confessing the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior, (2) deliberately entering into a covenant relationship with Him. Please understand, dear friends, that it is possible to have professed Jesus as Lord and Savior without committing to a covenant relationship with Him. These are two distinct situations. A covenant relationship is a deeper level of partnership with the Lord. In essence what the ‘Covenantor’ is saying to the ‘Covenatee’ is that I yield my life totally to you, Lord. You rules become mine, your values my forte. In exchange, you own personally issues and battles become the Lord’s. 

This my friends, is the situation I am encouraging you to adopt from today. The power in His blood avails much. In fact, to use a gaming metaphor, it is the JOKER card you need to fulfill your destiny. I charge you, dear friends, to re-examine your lives and fish out those things and/or issues that will disqualify you from this blood covenant, so that you can of a truth stand on the power in His blood and excel, as you were created to. God bless you and yours. I see a bright future ahead of you, I see a nobody becoming somebody, I see abundant grace been released over a life right now, and I see crooked paths becoming straight, I see valleys and mountains changing positions to favour you. Have a great weekend! 

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