I Love Women (International Womens Day)

I love women, that is undeniable. 

I have 3 wonderful, strong women in my life; as wife and daughters.

I was born and raised by an amazing woman.

My sisters are great women raising great families of their own.

I have worked and still work with competent women.

I have women as friends, doing good and loving others.

Therefore, I always honor women.

Do you love women?

Do you honor women?

Tell them about it!
© Adewale Adeniji


Don’t let people’s stereotypes about #Christ cause them to miss His #power and #love. Invite them to come and see who #Jesus really is.


SHM PRAYS_1st July 2014.


In that name that is above every other name, I decree that as the 2nd half of 2014 starts today, the following will begin in your life –

1. Grace for righteous living
2. Virtue for sound health
3. Competence for excellence
4. Supernatural help to become a solution provider
5. Capacity to love all unconditionally
6. God’s mercy in all difficulties!

As football is a game of two halves, the second half of this year will mark a positive turn around in your situation and circumstance IJMN!

Do you receive these? MATTHEW 9: 29B.

Shalom. We love you!



I can’t stop loving you Lord!
You bring purpose to my life
Made me in your likeness, gave me all.
I can’t stop loving you Father!

I can’t stop loving you Lord!
Your sacrifice renewed my life
I can now face tomorrow with confidence, thank you.
I can’t stop loving you Jesus!

I can’t stop loving you Lord!
You bring melody to my life
Where would I be without you, my teacher?
I can’t stop loving you Paraclete!

I can’t stop loving you.
Many may stutter or stop
Me? It’s a ‘life sentence’ I relish
I can’t stop loving you joo! Fi le!!!

(C) Ade. Adeniji. 05/05/2014.


2. Hug your spouse and tell her (him) that all will be well, regardless of what they may be going through. Do it now! Capish?

3. A simple dose of truthful ‘I love you’ goes a long way to cure feeling of loneliness. Our prescription is several times a day! Capish?

God created you for relationships! He wants you to ENJOY, NOT ENDURE IT!

SHM REFLECTIONS_Who Shall Answer The Clarion Call?


My mentor said this – “It is an abuse of human destiny for anyone created in the image of God to go to bed without food or proper shelter”. I agree! I agree!! I agree!!! It is, no matter how many variables those in governance would put on it. It is, no matter the amount of justification many would use to salve their consciences. It is, regardless of what many arguments by some about how they ‘fought’ to overcome such adversity, without handouts!

You and I can do something about it, though. Look around you, and I assure you there is that someone you can help. Have you ever nothing the joy on the human face when you do a good turn for them? I have, many times. Trust me, money cannot buy it! THERE WILL ALWAYS BE SOMEBODY AROUND YOU TO HELP!!!

The Lord is asking someone reading this today – WHO CAN I SEND, WHO WILL GO FOR ME. To do what? To put a smile on the face of someone hungry, someone without decent shelter. The answer, my friends, you alone can give.

But as for me and my family ….

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Shalom. We love you!



Man finds love in unusual places, does unusual things in the name of love. Wisdom is knowing your temperament and that of your partner before committing to love. For example, if you are a romantic who desires constant validation why marry another who has little time or understanding for that? Capish?

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