SHM PRAYS_31st March 2016.

1. Father, thank you for the end of the 1st Quarter of 2016. By your mercy we have not been consumed since January 1st. Blessed be your Holy name.

2. As we proceed in the year, your mercy that has kept up this far will avail for us thought out the remainder of the year.

3. Our help in ages past, make a way for our nation as we transit from lawlessness to accountability. Give our leaders at all levels of governance a heart of meat, not of stone; to do the right thing by our nation and its citizens.

4. We pray your peace over every family unit. None shall be cast young in our midst In Jesus’ mighty name. Build an edge of fire around us and ours from the antics of the enemy of our soul.

5. Your word turned around the famine in Samaria; Lord turn our personal economies and that of this nation around by the power of our confession and the result of our hard work.

6. It is not of he that wills or of he that runs; so Lord show me your abundant mercy in my personal economy. Where many may see a casting down, I see a lifting in all areas of my finances In Jesus’ mighty name.

7. I receive unction for unique ideas to add value to others and prosper there by In Jesus’ mighty name.
Praise God for answered prayers. It is well.
We love you!

Death, Swallowed In Victory!

Death, Swallowed in Victory!
My Lord, my God

What love, what sacrifice

You died for me to live

Made poor for my riches

Scorned and bruised that

Victory I may have

My Lord, my God

What love, what sacrifice!
The grave, though deep

Cannot hold down the king of glory!

Death where is thy sting?

Swallowed up on victory, you are

By my Lord, my God Divine!

Free at last, free at last!

I am free from all the

Vicissitudes of life!!!
Who rolled the boulder away?

Ministering servants, bold

Rolled the stone away

Empty, oh empty is the

Tomb of man. Free, very free

Is the author of life 

Swallowed up in victory is death

For me and you, visa to eternal life!
Come, all ye that thirst 

Drink freely become chargeless

From life and it’s issues sore

If you be dirty with sin, the blood 

Shed at Calvary’s cross cleanses white

As snow. Come, one, come all and imbibe

From this welling Fountain that cannot dry up

The sacrifice that conquered death calleth thee!
© 27th March 2016. Adewale Adeniji.

(To commemorate Easter 2016)

2016_Critical Thinking: a sine qua non for Success.

If anyone were to ask all of us this question – “are you intelligent?”, some will be angry, some will be amused, while many more will immediately retort, “yes, what do you think?” The reason for most of the aforementioned reaction would be “well, I can read and write, can’t I?”. Some might even reckon, “I see trends, don’t I?”

My dear friends, the truth of the matter is that intelligence is about more than simply finding out facts or ‘seeing trends’. It’s more about properly analyzing those facts and trends; so that you’re positioned before the fact or trend to know what to do per time!
For example, can you say for a surety that you have an idea of where your personal economy is headed this year? Oh no? Oops, sorry. You see, many had anticipated the current struggles of this economy a long time ago, and are positioned to prosper in the midst of it! 
Another example. Do you have a clue about how that relationship issue currently confronting you will pan out – for you and those around you? 
If anyone of us is honest enough to admit we are not so sure, what are we to do? Increase your intelligence quotient I’d say. But you will be right to ask, “that simple?” Not so simple, I agree. So, you need to learn how to spend quality time in critical analyses of every situation before you venture on anything! You also need to develop personal discipline not to react in a knee-jerk fashion to all you hear, feel and see. Trust me, there is usually more than the naked eye can see, in every situation.
Do not be deceived, or left behind – deep knowledge of things do not just happen. No one is innately wired for it. Not even in Scripture! Because only the deep can call unto the deep. And no human is born that deep. One of the mysteries of the Almighty. 
Unique ideas only come to those whose minds are prepared to (1) grab the enormity of the discovery, and (2) know how to use such information! This unfortunately is the real reason why many of us walk past our miracles everyday! Simple put, critical thinking leads to unparalleled wisdom! Trust me, Solomon in his prime was a deep thinker.
This is an eternal principle, that even God is not immune to! See, it was for nothing that even the Lord Jesus Christ constantly separated Himself from others to meditate! Go back and read what happened after each such recorded separation and meditation. You’d be amazed! It was the reason He had special help from on high so that He could go about doing good, relieving those oppressed of the devil!
The third but oft overlooked key in this wise is the ability to love silence. You will be amazed how many of us hate silence. I am not joking! I met someone who keeps one form of sound or the other blasting around her – at work, at play and even when sleeping! Because she suffered sedate phobia (means fear of silence). She has been delivered now, thank God, and now enjoys a productive life. 
See, because no meaningful work can be done in the cacophony of voices you must learn to separate yourself far from every madding crowd. Hug silent moments with deliberateness. Thinkers of repute love the quiet environment. Unfortunately, many are city people who miss out on the serenity a rural setting affords!
So, do you meditate? How and where do you meditate? How reflective are you? How do you react to facts available at your disposal? Do you try to see beyond the obvious? How well have you been able to do this? What tools do you apply to dig deep? These are critical issues of intelligence that, for most people, have to be learnt. There are principles to these things, and it is your responsibility to find them and apply them. We may be of little help if you wish.
Have a great day, y’all! Go out and prosper, as is your divine lot. We love you.
PS: Test – I deliberately omitted directing your mind to the second key I discussed above. Can you find it? Share it if you did!
© March 2016. Adewale Adeniji/LexConsults/SHM.

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