At our family altar this morning, as I was sharing on “Supernatural Power To Create Wealth” this praise of the Holy Ghost welled up in me. Quickly penned down my poetry as I returned to our room. What is your praise of the Holy Spirit? Please do share! Enjoy mine. Bless up!

Fountain of all knowledge, Spring of all understanding.

You are God by standing

Holy Spirit Divine.


Who with you can compare?

Divine in understanding

Chief Executive of God’s will

You’re Matchless in power!


Worthy, Excellent teacher

Only one that’s Paraclete  

from age to age your works

In man’s life doth shew


Your works show your worth

My comfort, my helper

(Wo)Men stare and wonder

What mighty help you wroth


Love you to the bones

Ageless Father Of all lights 

No variableness, no shadow,

No turning! Holy Ghost myLord!
© 22nd April 2016. Adewale Adeniji.



I can’t stop loving you Lord!
You bring purpose to my life
Made me in your likeness, gave me all.
I can’t stop loving you Father!

I can’t stop loving you Lord!
Your sacrifice renewed my life
I can now face tomorrow with confidence, thank you.
I can’t stop loving you Jesus!

I can’t stop loving you Lord!
You bring melody to my life
Where would I be without you, my teacher?
I can’t stop loving you Paraclete!

I can’t stop loving you.
Many may stutter or stop
Me? It’s a ‘life sentence’ I relish
I can’t stop loving you joo! Fi le!!!

(C) Ade. Adeniji. 05/05/2014.

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