SHM REFLECTIONS_Who Shall Answer The Clarion Call?


My mentor said this – “It is an abuse of human destiny for anyone created in the image of God to go to bed without food or proper shelter”. I agree! I agree!! I agree!!! It is, no matter how many variables those in governance would put on it. It is, no matter the amount of justification many would use to salve their consciences. It is, regardless of what many arguments by some about how they ‘fought’ to overcome such adversity, without handouts!

You and I can do something about it, though. Look around you, and I assure you there is that someone you can help. Have you ever nothing the joy on the human face when you do a good turn for them? I have, many times. Trust me, money cannot buy it! THERE WILL ALWAYS BE SOMEBODY AROUND YOU TO HELP!!!

The Lord is asking someone reading this today – WHO CAN I SEND, WHO WILL GO FOR ME. To do what? To put a smile on the face of someone hungry, someone without decent shelter. The answer, my friends, you alone can give.

But as for me and my family ….

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Shalom. We love you!

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