Today, The Lord will send help to you from Zion. He will cause destiny helpers to locate you.

Digging for water becomes easy for you, raising your stock in life comes by His grace. Your days of labour comes to an end. I prophesy that your seed shall begin to fall on fertile soil, and that the elements will also work in your favour.

Disgrace shall not be your portion or the inheritance of your children! Your generations shall abide in His mercies. Going forward your seasons shall attest to the might of Jehovah.

I decree that there shall be NO BETTER YESTERDAY IN YOUR LIFE ANYMORE!

You shall excel IJMN. Do you believe?



There is someone out there, good things begin to happen to you from now on! You become enviable, you become a spring of water who source is in #ChristJesus IJMN. You will reach your own Havilah.

Whereas you had been a nobody; Jehovah who made a Prime Minister out of an imprisoned slave will change your story. I see you going places you never thought possible, I see you sitting at tables you would have served at.

Who am I referring to? Are you sure? So, what are going to go about it?

Enjoy your day. We love you!
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No one can curse whom The Lord has blessed. Therefore, I prophesy into someone’s life today – ALL THE PROMISES AND DECLARATIONS OF MY GOD OVER YOUR LIFE SHALL BEGIN TO MANIFEST NOW IJMN, REGARDLESS OF YOUR CURRENT STATUS!

What cannot thwart #JesusChrist will not be able to frustrate you anymore. By the mercies of my God doors of joy will open unto you of their own accord!

Have a fruitful week. We love you! #SHM #PROPHETICDECLARATIONS #PRAYERS


I pray for somebody out there today – By the power in the name of #JesusChrist you will never meet the expectations of your detractors! #SHM

SHM Showers_Prayer for 2nd Half of 2013.

SHM Showers_Prayer for 2nd Half of 2013.

Thank you Lord for the beginning of the second half of this year. You are greater than the greatest, higher than the highest, better than the best, my Father and my God. In your name, we pronounce the following blessings on all these your children:

Everybody under the sound of my voice, hear ye the word of The Lord: I created you to excel and excel you shall IJMN. Whatever I promised you this year, I the Lord is more than able to fulfill and shall do so.

In the first half of the battle, Ai defeated Israel, but the Lord gave them a turn-around in the second half. In that matchless name of Jesus Christ, every issue that proved stubborn from January to June shall become resolved in your favour now! Every shame you suffered shall be turned to fame. Your mouth shall begin to sing a new song of victory! The strength of Jehovah will bring this to pass. Every counsel of Ahitophel in your life shall be tuned to foolishness IJMN.

As you live a life of worship you shall testify and be celebrated in this second half of 2013. If you believe you shall see the glory of The Lord!

You are created to excel and excel you shall IJMN! We love you!


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