Mark 16 verse 1-8.

Before the help of man will arrive, God’s help will be available for you. 
While the help of man is being delayed, God’s help will show up for you. The Lord will release divine help to disgrace human help. Before human intervention there shall be divine provisions for you. 
God will show up with a bigger and better package and grant you help that is better than the help of men in Jesus name! 
As the Father showed up for the Son, He will show up for you today and always!!!
Have a great day.
We love you!



It is the resurrection morning and … He is risen! Oh yes, Christ is risen! The grave could not hold Him down, death where is thy sting? My Lord and Saviour is risen!

Let the earth proclaim – He has won the battle! I am forever free – free from the clutches to the sin nature, free from the hassles of what my tomorrow holds. THE TOMB IS EMPTY! My Lord is risen!!! My faith has a meaning; my future is secured, for my Jesus has risen!

There is hope for mankind – for a better tomorrow; there is a certain end to eternal death and pain for the wise, for the glory and the lifter up of my head is risen. The heavens now declare His glory; the firmaments regale with the brightness of His rising, for my Jesus is risen! The Lamb of God who took away the sin of man is risen! At last the powerlessness of the devil over the beloved of the Lord is made manifest, for my Christ is risen – to reign forever!

Oh, what a priceless mistake the devil made, for aiding and abetting the killing of the bright and morning star. What a strategic hullabaloo! Now, we know of a truth that all your wiles are a ruse, devil. OUR JESUS WINS IN THE END.

Happy Easter to all of your, my wonderful friends. At SHM, we pray that the essence of resurrection SHALL RESONATE IN YOUR LIVES CONTINUALLY! YOU TOO WILL OF A SURETY MOVE FROM SHAME TO GLORY IN EVERY AREA OF YOUR LIFE IJMN. 

Joy to the world, Jesus Christ is risen from the dead!

We love you!

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