SHM PRAYER WEEK_ November 2015 (Season of Laughter)_Day 1.

🎵Casting crowns, lifting hands, bowing hearts; Is all we’ve come to do.

Adonai/3x we glorify your name. We will rise in your name. Adonai. You reign on high🎵
Prayer Points:
1. Lord, I thank you for preserving my life from last month till today. Thank you for your manifold blessings in my life and my family from January till today. Blessed be your holy name, Lord! I praise your name thou glory and lifter of my head!
2. God’s favor cannot be hidden, His mercy cannot be bought. This month both will work to in me and to my advantage. Where ever I go, every of God’s creation will fall in line for my advantage IJMN
3. Laughter is better than crying, my father and my Lord. Incidents that cause laugher begins in my life from today. I cry no more! No matter my current situation, because you live, my season of laughter begins in earnest. Turn the table in my favor Lord as you did for Obed-edom.
Dear friends, as you wait with us and pray along this week, the Father of all lights in whom there is no variableness nor shadow of turning will put laughter in your hearts and lives. You shall excel. We love you!


Anger is a useless waste of precious time & a drain on valuable energy. This month beware of this time wasting, energy sapping trap so that your prayers can find expression and manifestation.

Anger leaves a sour taste in the mouth; it pollutes the environment the Holy Spirit needs to work in your life because it radiates negative energy. It exposes one as really powerless, because it takes a real man to side-step this beguiling pitfall.

Avoid anger it like a plague! It is a fool’s temporary release! It is never satisfying. Rather, it is a pull into circuitous rumblings! A Pyrrhic victory at best.


You shall excel IJMN.
We love you!
Happy New Month.


SHM Weekend Tonic_28/09/2012_Heaps Upon Heaps!



SHM Weekend Tonic_28/09/2012_Heaps Upon Heaps!

It was an ordinary day like this, it involved human beings like us. They came upon the anointed of God, not in peace but with anger and hatred. They had just manipulated members of his family,

breaching his natural line of defense. He was bound, giving them unfair advantage. So They assumed by their number and chicanery that they would have the upper hand. They reasoned like men. 

He saw them coming, he knew their number; but just Iike one who knew his God, he slew them under the anointing, heap upon heaps! Not one of his assailants remained, not a single one of them! They were trounced, vanquished! Why? Those who know their God shall not only be strong, of a truth we will do exploits!

I don’t care much about what you may be going through because I know the name by which all solutions are called. I spare no thought for those arrayed against you, physically or in realms other than the physical because I know Someone, at the mention of whose name all knees bow. It is that Being that I represent and from who I bring you this word of assurance and victory today.

As one called of God Almighty to empower and lead people to successful lives in preparation for eternity, I hereby decree – in that name above every other name every force, every power, every principality arrayed against you and what gives you joy shall be brought to their knees IJMN. Regardless of their source of power, I plead the blood covenant against them today, they are rendered powerless over your life! As far as death could not hold my Jesus captive, I decree freedom in all your ways. You shall triumph over all your problems. From today, because His mercy prevails over judgment, I cancel every handwriting of the enemy over your life. You are blessed, and you will become a blessing also. The name of the Lord shall be magnified in your life. Those who want you kept down will become your stepping stones to glory in the matchless name of Jesus Christ!

As you enter into this weekend, I say to you – heap upon heaps, that is how your troubles, your problems, your anxieties shall crumble and be stacked together to the glory of His name. The word has already gone out now so it is too late for those who oppose you to do anything about it. Selah! 

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