This new week, I declare over your life, you will not fail on the cusp of victory. 
Your resilience to succeed will not wane as you approach your breakthrough point. 
All your hours of preparation shall not go to waste. Time will not run out for you to succeed. Even your fallow ideas will bring you plenty.
You shall bloom more than once a season. You shall excel In Jesus’ mighty name.!
Have a great week ahead.



The Lord has something to say to somebody – Listen, your promotion has started, and your renown will resound! 
Who is the Lord talking to? Let me hear you shout ‘GLORY!!!’
We love you!

HAPPY NEW MONTH_September 2015

God does not take holidays. He is a present help in troubled times. So, this month we confidently invite you to come to master #Jesus will all burdens, problems & mountains. He will give you rest, He will ensure your peace. HE IS BIGGER THAN ANY PROBLEM, BIGGER THAN ANY MOUNTAIN! 

We perceive in our spirit that this month, solutions will come someone’s way; that long festering problems shall be solved in Jesus’ mighty name.

Happy New Month!

SHM PRAYS_August 2015

God, even our God, will take you to your Rehoboth. He shall open your eyes to Divine truths that’ll align you with principles of open heavens. None related to you shall be left out IJMN.

Receive grace for a stress-free, glorious life.
We love you!


In the mighty name of #Jesus none of you will be totally helpless, left at the mercy of spiritual and financial undertakers! Help will come for you in places you never expected. You will not be stranded. 
No devious character will take advantage of you or your children in #Jesus’ mighty name! 
As a vessel of the living God I decree and declare that whatever you may have lost shall be restored unto you seven fold! 
Have a great week ahead. You shall testify. We love you! Shalom.

S PRAYS_Happy New Month (September)

This new month, lines will fall for you in pleasant places. The heavens and the earth will cooperate to favour you IJMN! It is not of him that wills or runs, so God, my God will show you and yours mercy! As this year begins to wind down, I decree that your live will not wind down with it. God will send help to you. You will live, you will not die IJMN. Have a great month. Shalom. We love you!



Happy new month, dear friend! I decree in the matchless name of The Lord, Jesus Christ that this will be your most productive month yet. Receive abundant grace to do the right things per time. This month will begin a fruitful journey of a glorious quarter in your life. Your goals shall receive fleshing up by the power of the Holy Spirit.

But remember, by God’s principle, He can only build upon the foundation of your ideas, your goals and the pictures of the reality you have envisioned. So, if you still do not have goals, set them out today; ask for unique ideas to become a solution provider!

Have a great month. We love you!


In as much as every good gift, every perfect gift proceeds from the Father of all lights in whom there is no variableness not shadow of turning, I confidently decree that this week shall bring forth new testimonies, new joy, new opened doors for you IJMN.

Because He was made poor for your sake, ideas that will add value, that will proffer solutions will flood your mind, and cause resources to flow your way IJMN.

For every anxiety about tomorrow, the Prince of peace will give you rest IJMN.

Have a great week. We love you!



Welcome to a brand new month, with brand new opportunities. In the matchless name of The Lord Jesus Christ, I decree and declare that this month will usher in your season of miracles. You shall be amazed this month of the doors that His name shall open unto you. Your laughter shall resound of the joy His presence shall bring into your life.

This month, I see you climbing mountains hitherto unapproachable. Not by your power or might, but because of His abundant mercies. I perceive in my spirit an overflow of opportunities for someone this month. Doors will just open of their own accord, by His mighty hands.

I encourage you to abide in Him and His word. There are no short cuts; there is no almighty formula apart from these two – in Him and of Him!

Have a glorious month. You shall excel IJMN. Shalom. We love you!



Welcome to 2014! In the name that is above very other name, and pulling on the grace of the Almighty God upon my life, I decree and declare over your life as follows:

2014 will be the best year yet of your life!
Wherever you go, the presence of the living God shall abide with you.
The only sound that will be heard in your abode will be that of rejoicing. Sounds of weeping, sorrow, regret, commiseration shall have no place in your life.
The Lord who has raised me up to touch lives and change destinies will arise for your help because we are connected in one way or the other.
Grace that speaks when all else fail shall give you supernatural advantage in all your endeavors.
There shall be many who will testify of the mercies of my Heavenly Father, you shall surely be one of them IJMN to the glory of his holy name.
The Bible says the glory of the latter shall be better than the former; so no matter what you may have achieved in years past, they shall be but a foundation to what will come your way from this year IJMN!
The matchless blood of The Lord Jesus Christ will serve as a shield and sword over you and your children IJMN. Evil of any description will not assail you or yours!
That business deal, that international connection, that contract, that employment that you desire, The Lord will cause their connectors to flow your way IJMN.
Grace to remain faithful in prayer, in the word and in thanksgiving will fall upon and not desert you IJMN.
You shall excel, you shall be blessed and you shall be a blessing to many others!!!

Happy New Year once again folks! We love you!

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