Bright and morning star, my light
My Father, my God,
What love, what sacrifice!
Words, they fail me …

Ancient of days, my world
My Jesus, Saving Lord,
Your love, what a price!
Words, they fail me …

Wonderful Counselor, my comfort
Covenant Father, Holy God,
What love, oh what courage!
Words, they fail me …

Kings of kings, lord’s Lord to boot
Redeeming Father, lover of my soul,
Words, they fail me …
At your kind of love that raise me up!!!

Glory and lifter of my head
This love, so powerful, raises me
From clays miry … to mounts so high
Words I now have to say — THANK YOU LORD!

© Ade. Adeniji, October 2013.387084_10150987681783342_1720939922_n


Contentment, 1My dear friends, at last you have made it to the last month of the year- Hallelujah! However, this is usually a double-edged month for some. Many will give thanks as we take stock of successes, achievements, promotions and even failures (yes that too for some is a source of thanks!) etc. At the other end of the spectrum, many more will question, query and harry the Lord as they recount failed ventures, missteps and missed opportunities. This has become a yearly ritual in many hearts and homes.

Perhaps dear reader, you or someone you know belong to the latter category, my task today is to encourage you and/or for you to pass unto that fellow how to make December 2012 different. It is a very simple solution – praise (not murmurings) brings the best out of the God of the Bible, the owner of the universe – before whom all issues are clear and laid bare. We have a classic example in the shepherd boy who was singled out for royalty – David, last son of Jesse, an Ephrathite from Bethlehem. As a young man and later as King, David broke almost all (if not all) the laws in the book! For offences that continue to truncate many other destinies, God found it easy to forbear David. Because God’s testimony is that he is a fellow after His heart. (1 Samuel 13: 14; Acts 13: 22). The psalms are replete with David’s wondrous praise to the Lord, remarkably from his tenure as a toddling shepherd boy till the time of his physical demise! He just kept delighting the Lord in praise! (Psalms 25, 30, 34, 35, 42, 57, 62, 63, 71, 103, 104, 146 to mention a few!)

Now, this point is interesting when you consider that this was a fellow who had problems right from his youth – regardless less of his father (a great slight in his culture); ignored for irrelevance by his elder siblings; persecuted by an insecure monarch; rebelled against by the excellency of his power, Absalom; assailed on all sides by envious and ambitious nations. For David, it was a life of unending strife and struggle, even as a king. So, what worked for him was his ability to get the Lord on his side, through thick and thin – by a life devoted to credible praise of the Almighty. God is so enamored of David’s life of praise and worship that he is not only relevant today, but will be in the new world to come!

My dear friends, you too can do this. I am sure some of you may be skeptical. But you see, the amazing thing about mankind is this – whether pre-planned or not, we are by default wired for praise. It is part of our DNA. God wired us that way SO THAT WE CAN OFFER HIM PRAISE – that is our reasonable duty! (Romans 12: 1). The only problem is our focus. On what do we shower praise – possession, position, person, or the God of all that?

So, this month my dear friends, as you begin to take account of the outgoing year, I encourage you to keep thanking Him even for those things you have been less than pleased about. Have this mindset – I am getting the best of the Lord, every day and in every way. That is renewing your mind and it will bring trans-formative power. See, if mankind really puts our mind to it, there will always be something to thank God for – even the fact that you are alive to take stock is worthy of praise. SO, DEAR FRIEND, RENEW YOUR MIND IN THIS MANNER – PRAISE HIM ALWAYS RATHER THAN COMPLAIN AND MURMUR! He loves those who praise Him, and He hates those who murmur! (Numbers 14: 27-29; 1 Corinthians 10: 10)

I decree and declare that as this year winds down, your lives will not wind down with it; rather your testimonies shall surely come; your season of favour has arrived; you will not be put to shame. As the Lord liveth, before whom I stand, you shall be celebrated IJMN. Have a great day!

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