Good day. What is confusion? Many will say it is not knowing what to do per time or situation. Not really. The real definition of confusion is not knowing who to approach for solutions.

There will always be crisis situations. There will always be challenges. Getting out of that conundrum depends on who you know.

Who do you know? Is it he who compound woes, the enemy of your soul? That fellow is the author of confusion the father of all lies about your health and wealth. It is what he has that he can give – confusion, sorrow. What he does not have, he cannot give; and what he does have he gives by taking other things from you! He is the problem, always.

Who do you know? Is it the harbinger of peace, the glory and lifter up of all bowed heads, the Lord Jesus Christ, strong and mighty? He gives unconditionally; and what He gives solves all problems because by Him were all things made, and nothing is or can be without His agreement.

Stop the rigours of confusion in your life today by coming back home to Jesus, the father of all lights in whom there is no variableness nor shadow of turning. Get illumination today! You are created to excel, and excel you shall. Shalom.


It is alright for a leader to have doubts. Any leader, be it a leader of faith or a leader in business, government or commerce. He/She is not a leader ordained for excellence who does not doubt from time to time. Why? Because solution for all things the leader will ever face or need to solve belong not to the leader but to God. And He releases to as many who seek it.

So, in moments of doubt a wise leader does one thing – goes back to the Source. Who is that Source? The Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle. He is the vine, all leaders mere branches! Shalom.


Check out this facebook page!

Check out this facebook page!.


Welcome to February, the month of your double blessings. I see you making strides in your business, in your academics, in your career this month. Those who delight in stopping other people’s progress will fail over you. I say they will fail over you! I command YOUR RAIN TO FALL this month. For your sake, substitutes shall be found for every evil appointment. You shall prevail on all sides. If you believe, confess I RECEIVE IT! Shalom.

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