An The Stones Tumbled

Easy to condemn,

Harder to forgive.

To ridicule others, effortless.

To praise, harder than meteorite. 

He who is without ought, He said,

the first stone to cast.

Alas, none the courage had,

to cast the stone first.

For none there be without fault.

Yet, they be fault finding!

At last all their stones tumbled,

humbled as their haughty bearers.

What a sight glorious when

all their stones tumbled,

their bearers humbled!

Thank you Sire, for lessons 

so apt, that my future assured.

No matter how filthy, how soiled.

A home for me to find in your

bossom so righteous; that I,

my dirty self, is made whole;

and made acceptable that no

haughty spirit can me torment!

Stones have tumbled indeed.
(Inspired by Jn. 8: 1-11)

© 4th January 2017. Adewale Adeniji.


“Forgiveness”. A simple word, but a though act to follow through with.

My dear friends, un-forgiveness is a danger to your well being, cancerous tumor that has led to the death – physical and spiritual of many. And the enemy of our 534253_407228992664539_957692351_nsoul knows just how to stoke it. The devil gives man a plethora of reasons never to forgive. But for each of his wiles to work, he capitalizes on man’s ego (a person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance).

If we can do a dispassionate check on the real reason why we hold unto offense, we would see it boils down to these: ‘who does he take me for?’ or ‘why does she think she can do this to me and get away with it?’ or ‘I will show you that I am not easy to cheat (or put down etc.). Or things in that region. And the devil is a master at playing on man’s emotions.

There are many recipes out there on how to forgive and move on. I crave your indulgence to add one more. It might be hard to swallow but it may just save your life.

Regard yourself less, in fact without esteem, without honour in the sight of men. This way you will feel less offense and will not have to deal with the baggage that comes with un-forgiveness.

See, when you refuse to forgive people, you give such people power to control your life! Simple. For as long as you habour un-forgiveness, your life is no longer yours. How? You think offence, you meditate on offence, time best spent in getting and working on ideas to move your life forward will be tied down to this negative emotion. Guess what? You will live, breath and spew offense, and in the process alienate your destiny helpers. Because unforgiving clouds your thought process is clouded, you are prone to errors that are best avoided! YOUR LIFE IS RULED BY OFFENSE!

Finally, let me counsel – forgiveness is not for the other person, IT IS ACTUALLY FOR YOU. No matter how painful the process would be, release your offenders and move on with your life.

You were created to excel, and excel you shall IJMN. We love you! Shalom.



Read Matthew 18:21-22.

Forgiveness does not change the past, but it enlarges the future. Help me to move on from all past hurts. Help me to pray for those who’ve offended me. Give me capacity to live in constant love towards all.

Holy Spirit, set me free!


My dear friends, I hope this new year has been good to you so far? It has been for me! I pray that this year will be your best year yet IJMN. Amen.

Today, I charge you to reflect on why we take certain decisions and engage in certain acts that may hurt others but still leaves a sour after taste in our mouths.

Look again at the story of the execution of John the Baptist in Mark chapter 6:16-28. I mean, what would Herodias possibly do with the head she got on a charger? Yes, she got her revenge on the Baptist’s audacity to tell her God’s truth, but WHAT GAIN IS THERE FOR HER after that?


You see, dear friends, many find themselves in this very same position. Many if us hold on to slights, bear grudges, take actions over what we consider appropriate response to ‘infractions’ against us, only to go away with a sour taste STILL.

Today, I often wonder, for example, how putting capital offense convicts to death would assuage the emotional, and a times physical pain of relatives of murdered victims? Yet in some parts of the world THAT IS THE REVENGE the state promotes, any sadly many people of faith supports it! It surely cannot repair the loss suffered by the victim’s family! In fact research has shown it creates fresh emotional wounds in them!

So, as you relax and enjoy this weekend, reflect with me on this if you would – WHAT GAIN IS THERE IN KEEPING A GRUDGE? IN STRATEGIZING TO SETTLE A SCORE? WOULD IT

Have a wonderful weekend, and God bless you! We love you. Shalom.


SHM Weekend Tonic_16th November 2012_LEARN TO LOVE YOUR TRADUCERS

This is how the Contemporary English Version (CEV) puts Ecclesiastes 5 vs. 3 – “If you keep thinking about something, you will dream about it. If you talk too much, you will say the wrong thing”.

My dear friends, this week, our charge to you has been for you to show love to at least one person who had before now been unkind to you, in whatever way or form. Have you been able to do this? I thank God for your life if you have been able to. Your step of faith will lead you to a place of peace IJMN. For walking in love, the God of love will manifest His presence in needed areas of your life IJMN.

For as many who still struggle with this love charge let me encourage you as we head into the weekend by taking another look at Ecclesiastes 5:3. To bring yourself to the point of reaching out to those who might have despitefully used you (Luke 6:28), try to keep your thoughts on the charge to reach out in love to them. Focus on it like a laser beam, let it dominate your thoughts, your quiet moments. You will realize that as you persist with this, any negative emotions you may still harbor towards such a person or situation will GRADUALLY begin to give way! You will begin the journey to reconcile yourself to the purpose of the charge – reaching out.

To get to this point, you should try not to TALK about it, just THINK about it. The danger in talking about it is that the words that you speak, which will naturally align with any residual negative emotions would jeopardize any possibility of reaching out. As you think forgiveness and reaching out, your mind begins to reconcile to the very notion, BECAUSE YOU BECOME WHAT YOU THINK (Proverbs 23:7).

The whole point of man’s existence is to show love – Mark 12:30. See, my friends, you cannot claim to love the Lord thy God whom you do not see but accept by faith, WHEN YOU CANNOT LOVE YOUR FELLOW MAN WHOM YOU SEE. Enjoy your weekend. I am sure God is waiting to be good to you. Shalom.

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Good morning my dear friends. Hope you had a restful weekend? Can I encourage you this week to read, meditate and make notes on this passage from 1 Peter 2:22-24? – (22) Christ did not sin or ever tell a lie. (23) Although he was abused, he never tried to get even. And when he suffered, he made no threats. Instead, he had faith in God, who judges fairly. (24) Christ carried the burden of our sins. He was nailed to the cross, so that we would stop sinning and start living right. By his cuts and bruises you are healed. (Contemporary English Version)

My charge to you this week is to go out of your way to show love to at least one person who had before now been unkind to you, in whatever way or form.

You say, WHAT? I say, LOVE! Would it be difficult? Definitely. Just as hard as it was for Christ to die for us all, just as hard as it was for Jehovah to suffer through His son’s supreme sacrifice! The first step is the hardest, but once you make the effort, the Holy Spirit will step in. Trust me. Been there, done that.

Would you give it a try? God bless you, my friends! I see you moving from nothing to something this week. I see help coming your way from least expected sources, because faithful is He who loves you. Have a great week. Shalom!





Dear friends, according to scripture, we will only receive forgiveness when we afford it to others. Remember also, YOU WILL NEVER BE ASKED TO FORGIVE SOMEONE ELSE MORE THAN GOD HAS ALREADY FORGIVEN YOU. Release someone today and enjoy the benefits of your action.


Take a look again at the accompanying picture. What exactly do you see? I see prescription for us, not for those who have hurt us. So as one wise fellow has said, forgiveness is really about us, not about those who have offended us, and who will continue to be like us – mere mortals with shortcomings!


Truth is, at the end of it all we all are imperfect people called to love other imperfect people. I NEED TO EMPHASISE THAT – we are all imperfect people, one way or the other – regardless of each person’s practiced façade and well-worn masks and pretentions of perfection. So, if we all are the same (and we are in the eyes of the God of the Bible, for all have sinned and come short of His glory – now or before!), we must appreciate we all need or will need forgiveness at one time or the other. And what you do not give, you will not get. Not my principle, but Jesus’, in Luke 11 verse 4.


As you head into the new working week, receive grace to let go, and let God. I will be praying for you, as I trust you will be praying for me too. You were created to excel and excel you shall IJMN.


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