LifeStyle Byte Series: I speak up Against RAPE!

In this episode, I condemn in its entirety the rape of women; and made a call to action for you, yes you, to join me!

Will you? If you require help with this issue please get in touch with us at or send an email to

I Love Women (International Womens Day)

I love women, that is undeniable. 

I have 3 wonderful, strong women in my life; as wife and daughters.

I was born and raised by an amazing woman.

My sisters are great women raising great families of their own.

I have worked and still work with competent women.

I have women as friends, doing good and loving others.

Therefore, I always honor women.

Do you love women?

Do you honor women?

Tell them about it!
© Adewale Adeniji



You traversed the chasm between God and man. You paid the price that mankind can have a better future. You rose from the dead when you had been given up for dead. The cold hands of death could not keep you down, my Lord and Savior!

Thank you for the redemptive work of salvation; thank you for the hope for a better tomorrow. Thank you dear Lord for putting hope back into our destinies. Thank you Lord Jesus for resurrection!

Thank you for the foundation of a better tomorrow. Thank you because the hopeless becomes hopeful; the sorrowful has a shot at happiness; the defeated an opportunity for victory. Thank you Savior of the universe.

I praise Him with this song in my local dialect – *music* Oji nde, oji nde lo ni o – Oji nde; Jesu Kristi t’a kan m’agbelebu o – Oji nde. Omo Mary t’a kan m’agbelebu o – Oji nde*music* HALLELUJAH!!!!!

(Literal translation – “He has risen today – He rose; Jesus Christ that was crucified – He rose. HALLELUJAH!!!)

Happy Easter people. This year’s celebrations will not be your last IJMN!

We love you!
#SHM @SalvationHouse

SHM REFLECTIONS_You Are What You Think.

Blessed day to you all, dear friends. Do you know that man is no more than the sum total of his thoughts? Even God knows this, hence the advanced mind and free will He gave man.

Simple though it may appear that little things rule over large ones, many still cannot wrap their minds around this fact. Let me illustrate with practical examples. As large as the aero plane is small parts, compared to its size, propel and keep it going. Similarly for large ship carriers. The exact same thing for man. How small, compared to the body is the tongue? Does it not determine destinies? I hope you get the picture? Your mind is in this exact category!

So, what do you dwell on? It has been proved that what a man thinks about most of the time becomes a pattern, which becomes a habit, which forms his character, which decides his life!

I encourage you therefore dear friend, check what you think about, what you allow to dominate your thought process. Your thoughts are really the currency of your personal economy, not physical cash which is just a medium of exchange.

Have a great week ahead thinking thoughts that will edify, elevate and proffer solutions to problems that needs solving. This way, you will cause God’s glory to radiate in and through you!

We love you! Shalom. #SHM


2. Hug your spouse and tell her (him) that all will be well, regardless of what they may be going through. Do it now! Capish?

3. A simple dose of truthful ‘I love you’ goes a long way to cure feeling of loneliness. Our prescription is several times a day! Capish?

God created you for relationships! He wants you to ENJOY, NOT ENDURE IT!

SHM RELATIONSHIPS_Personality Types.

Dear friend a lot of time and qualitative energy is spent in fruitless fights and misunderstanding between couples. What should be a loving, refreshing experience has turned into a hide and seek game, score keeping, points scoring etc. To the initiated, you will agree with me that there is indeed fire on the mountain of many marriages. But every hot thing has a cooling point!

You know, once both parties to a God-sanctioned union realize that marriage is a MERGER not an ACQUISITION half the battle of misunderstandings is won. The original purpose of Jehovah is a union of mutual helpers, not a master/servant relationship; or one of competitors! And often a simple test is required to understand why that man or woman is wired that way!

So, for those who have not, it is expedient that you know your PERSONALITY TYPE and check out that of your partner as well! Once you have an insight into this, you will understand why you behave the way you do; and why your spouse behaves as he/she does. Read books on these four personality types – Melancholic, Choleric, Sanguine and Phlegmatic. Encourage your spouse to do the same. AND RENEW THE WINE OF THAT UNION ALREADY!

Your testimony shall be that of a refreshing marriage IJMN.

We love you!!!



Man finds love in unusual places, does unusual things in the name of love. Wisdom is knowing your temperament and that of your partner before committing to love. For example, if you are a romantic who desires constant validation why marry another who has little time or understanding for that? Capish?

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