Read: John 8:31-59.

We may be speaking our truth, yet be wrong. Because it depends on what that truth is.

The Jews in our text, while disputing with Jesus thought they were right (their understanding of the truth) in who they were but it became clear they were so wrong; because their truth could not stand up to the truth of the revelation of God’s Messiah.

So, today I encourage us to pause, think and evaluate our truths. What values do we profess? What understanding do we have of ourselves in God? If held to the light of God’s true word, would our truths and understandings be true?

Enjoy your day! We love you.

©️ SHM. 16th January 2020.




The CHRISTIAN race starts and ends with grace – Charis. Something you have not worked for is grace. For example, nobody has the capacity to pay for sin. Salvation comes in, because we are saved. And everything we can ever gain from salvation is by grace! Therefore, no man can fulfil potential without God’s help.

But we take this grace for granted at times. How? The fact that it is grace does not mean we should just keep receiving ad infinitum. We must give back. For me, gratitude is the proper response to grace. Great men who keep increasing understand, and have mastered this principle – “Receive and Give”.

Jesus Christ already paid mankind upfront at Calvary, so we all owe God our service, in one form or the other! I encourage you this week, do not stay only at the receiving end; find a way to give back by diligent service! That is how to show gratitude, and be positioned to receive more grace. Serve others, help others, love all. Simple, right?

Not at all. We live in a world of personalised pronouns, “me”. “I”, “mine” etc. We tend not to see beyond our immediate comfort zones. But, trust me, there are others far beyond your immediate vision range who are hurting, who are hungry, who are oppressed. We all owe it as a debt of gratitude for our own grace, to reach out, to comfort, to help – in all ways that we can.

Can you do that for He who loved us before we could even love Him? Thank you! Reach out today, show someone the love of Christ Jesus! It may just be a smile that you sow in another’s life that will make a difference, it may be a word of comfort, it may be a lending ear to a troubled soul. And it would make the world of difference.

You shall excel In Jesus’ mighty name. We love you!

March 13th 2018. Salvation House/LexConsults Humanae International.

SHM REFLECTIONS_Heart Of Gratitude.


🎵Grateful, so grateful, for all you that you have done. I am so grateful, for all you have done. Jehovah, you have been so good to me … 🎵 
Woke up today singing this song in my spirit. It’s a song by Sinach, one of my favorite gospel artistes. And it got me thinking during my quiet moment –
How really appreciative is man of God’s mercies? My friend, do you have any reason to be grateful to God? Or do you think He has not done anything for you recently, or at all? This feeling is easy to adopt because we live in a past-paced world where it is everyone for himself, and not necessarily God for us all! We live in a world where we harp on the failures, the contradictions of our world rather than the positives.
So, do you have cause to be grateful?No? Let me remind you of three (3) reasons why you should be – 
(1) You are alive! A living dog is better than a dead lion! That you are still here shows your tomorrow can still be alright; and with a heart of gratitude God will make those things that were not as though they already were in your life! 
(2) God can never change. He is immutable. So, if He’s blessed, favored and prospered some people, He is able to do same for you. All you need to do is align yourself with Him and His principles. How? Because He hears the cry of the righteous, come to Him today with a pertinent heart, accept Him and begin the process of living by His Word. It is as sure as daylight that your story will change; as He changed mine!
(3) After step 2 above, an attitude of praise (which every grateful heart must learn; as no one is born with it) will bring Him into your situation. It works all the time – not just for David, not just for Jehoshaphat, not just for Paul & Silas! It works for people like me and you too. Why? Because He inhabits the praises of His people! You and I are the new Israel!
So, no more long faces, no more self recriminations – get into the gratitude groove from now on! I perceive in my spirit that someone out there is ripe for God’s help today! WOULD THAT BE YOU? 
AREN’T YOU GRATEFUL? Let Him know you are!
You shall excel. We live you! 


🎵Crucified, laid behind the stone. He lived to die, rejected and alone. Like a rose, trampled on the ground; He took the fall and thought of me – ABOVE ALL!🎵 Do you have a song to praise Him with for the salvation of your soul?


SHM REFLECTIONS_Sins of the Fathers.

Many go through life struggling with myriad issues in a relentless manner. It is a cyclic existence from one crisis to the other. And these upheavals have no pattern to them – they may be financial today, marital tomorrow and health woes the day after!

Deep cause of this life of stress and internal strife is often traceable to sin, active or passive. (Please bear in mind that sin is sin, no categories, no extent of severity. I use “active or passive” for the purpose of this topic only). By “passive” sin I mean third party sin! Because of the eternal principle of cause and effect, quite a number of the so besieged are paying for the sins of their fathers (read mothers too). But it does not have to be so.

For such people, we have this equally eternal solution. The Bishop of my soul says, come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden! His recipe is rest! Now, because the recipe appears (note my choice of word – APPEARS) simple, many ignore it or at the least underrate it’s potency!!!

The solution lies in changing your fatherhood, exchanging the natural one for the supernatural by confessing Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior! Sounds easy, right? WRONG!!! Otherwise many would have become free. Just look around you and you’d see the plenteous harvest that is left to be gathered in!

Let me illustrate my point thus: I come from the Yoruba stock of Nigeria, and the culture of the people permit for family praise (called oriki). A form of lineage praise that they believe denote your past; but really is a confession for your future! I was born an Egba man. (From Abeokuta, Ogun State of Nigeria)

For example, Egba people call themselves “Omo Olumo”, i.e descendants of Olumo, who was a local freedom fighter. Now, no matter the forum, when songs or praises are spawn in honor of that fellow, I stand out in my opposition to whatever is being done. After a while people noticed and asked why. My standard reply has always being that I am of a different stock and heritage now. I am a citizen of heaven, and the Almighty God is my Father. I am joint heirs with Jesus Christ. In other words, I AM A NEW CREATURE. The interesting thing is that I studied the history of the Olumo fellow, and discovered that despite his valor, he lived a life of strife and never had a peaceful abode! Somehow, this manifests in the lives of many around who sing the fellows praises as their progenitor! But I met Jesus Christ and re-calibrated, and has the story been different or what!!!

To be able to do this takes a shift in mindset! And it will not happen without the active opposition of ‘well wishers’ who will genuinely believe you have missed the plot; as many around me used to think! But if you want to be free from the sins of the fathers, you must understand and apply this paradigm shift. That way, you get the rest promised by my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

He is calling unto someone today. Who is ready to heed His call? Who is ready for freedom from the sins of the fathers? In box me if you are; or if you are willing to re dedicate!

We love you. Shalom!

#SalvationHouse @SalvationHouse

SHM REFLECTIONS_Knowing The Word Is Different From Believing It.

I have always been around the word of God. Grew up in a Christian environment, strayed away and cavorted with people whose mantra was to rubbish the Word for a bit, but returned ultimately to the light of the gospel. Praise God! So, I know from personal experience that Knowing the Word is a world different from believing it!

And this, sadly, is where many of our brethren find themselves today. Stuck with the words of the Bible, but confounded with the effects of those words on their lives and situation. We see Christians today who work hard but are still confused on how to make ends meet, do we not? We have friends who despite the passages of Scripture they have memorised on Divine healing still struggle with their health or that of a loved one, do we not?

So today, I would like us to help ourselves with this. See, every time you receive and believe the truth of the Word you are empowered to become what it says! You triumph always by the revelation of His truth. Why? Because the truth never fails! So, even if you know that #JesusChrist was made poor so that you could become rich but do not believe this truth applies to you then you probably will continue to struggle with your finances, regardless of your ideas and how hard you think you work!

How will this work for you? You need to pursue REVELATION of the Word. My personal experience is that what gets revealed to you most likely you will treat as your personal gift and hold on to its truth! Revelation will always culminate in manifestation. In fact, applied revelation guarantees supernatural manifestation! This is because no degree of darkness can nullify the power of light; in fact the more gross the darkness, the brighter the light of God’s word will shine and pierce through!

From today dear friend, I charge you to seek personal revelations concerning those pieces of Scripture that you wish to hang on to. It is not enough to know them by heart; it is more important that you believe them to a point of saturation!

You shall excel IJMN. We love you!

SHM REFLECTIONS_Get Washed In The Blood, Cease A Life Of Struggles.

Stop struggling to be a good person. Jesus’ sacrifice already made you righteous before God! All you need is yield to Christ by accepting Him as your personal Lord and Saviour.

Do it today! Your flesh CAN NEVER make you righteous. I invite you to accept the gift of righteousness bought by the blood of the Lamb. Then you can access the benefits of salvation. Stop struggling to be healthy, wealthy and happy. The answer is in Christ Jesus.

So dear one, have you been to #JesusChrist for the cleansing blood? Are you washed in the blood of the Lamb? Are your garments spotless, are they white as snow? Are you washed in the blood of the Lamb?

SHM REFLECTIONS_Link Between Sin & Our Relationships

The reason that God tells us to avoid sin is not because it annoys him, but because it’s not good for us, and because God loves us, he wants us to avoid the pain that sin causes.

The reason that sin is wrong is because it hurts our relationships, and we are relational beings; that is the way that God made us (Gen. 1:27-28), and that is the future that he has promised us (Rev. 21:1-4).

So my dear friends, let us constantly review our life and relationships from the prism of love. We may then be able to see the need to eschew sin; let in #JesusChrist via salvation, and in turn become vessels to propagate the gospel.

What do you think? Your views are most welcome! Shalom.

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SHM Weekly Showers

imageMy dear friends, as this new week dawns, we decree open heavens over your lives. Many might be the devices of the enemy of your souls, but the power in the blood of Jesus Christ shall nullify them all.

Wherever you go this week, we command the elements to work to your favor. Men and women will go out of their way to favor you. In blessing, you are blessed. Your seed after you shall also receive favor of The Lord. You will not fail, you will not mourn. The Lord will make a way for you where there appears to be none. We cover you in the blood of Jesus Christ.

In return, please ensure that you have been to Jesus Christ for the cleansing blood. if not, confess Him with your mouth today as your personal Lord and Savior. Then, go on and show kindness to someone new, someone different from members of your immediate family; put a smile on another’s face for God this week.

You shall excel IJMN. We love you!
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It is the resurrection morning and … He is risen! Oh yes, Christ is risen! The grave could not hold Him down, death where is thy sting? My Lord and Saviour is risen!

Let the earth proclaim – He has won the battle! I am forever free – free from the clutches to the sin nature, free from the hassles of what my tomorrow holds. THE TOMB IS EMPTY! My Lord is risen!!! My faith has a meaning; my future is secured, for my Jesus has risen!

There is hope for mankind – for a better tomorrow; there is a certain end to eternal death and pain for the wise, for the glory and the lifter up of my head is risen. The heavens now declare His glory; the firmaments regale with the brightness of His rising, for my Jesus is risen! The Lamb of God who took away the sin of man is risen! At last the powerlessness of the devil over the beloved of the Lord is made manifest, for my Christ is risen – to reign forever!

Oh, what a priceless mistake the devil made, for aiding and abetting the killing of the bright and morning star. What a strategic hullabaloo! Now, we know of a truth that all your wiles are a ruse, devil. OUR JESUS WINS IN THE END.

Happy Easter to all of your, my wonderful friends. At SHM, we pray that the essence of resurrection SHALL RESONATE IN YOUR LIVES CONTINUALLY! YOU TOO WILL OF A SURETY MOVE FROM SHAME TO GLORY IN EVERY AREA OF YOUR LIFE IJMN.

Joy to the world, Jesus Christ is risen from the dead!

Ressurection Morning!We love you!

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