Psalm 127:3.

@SalvationHouse: We pray for all #children today. Regardless of your background or opportunity quotient, we decree God’s #abundance and #favor your way IJMN!


🎵Crucified, laid behind the stone. He lived to die, rejected and alone. Like a rose, trampled on the ground; He took the fall and thought of me – ABOVE ALL!🎵 Do you have a song to praise Him with for the salvation of your soul?


SHM PRAYS_May 2015


This month, the spring of your life will get a new boost. The excellency of God’s power will work in your life. 
This is your season of rebirth so welcome to your Rehoboth – this is your month of enlarged coast in Jesus’ mighty name. You shall so prosper, have robust health and live above temporal struggles that your neighbours will ask for your recipe! 
We command the heavens to open over you, and surprise you. Your mountains shall be brought low, your valleys lifted! Every situation will bring forth God’s glory in your life! 
Iyanu yi o se le! (Wonders will happen!) 
Go forth and excel. We love you!

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