SHM Reflections_Standing Out.


Values are not to be conveniently molded to fit particular situations. They ought to be indelibly etched into us as natural, default impulses that never go stale.

My dear friends, gray is not a substitute for black or white. As the good book says, let your yea be yea and your nay, nay.

Many will scoff that this is old fashioned, too simple and inapplicable in today’s modern world. But isn’t being SIMPLE the whole point of a morally sound living? Check again, dear friend, no matter the age, class, orientation or colour everyone on planet earth understands the basic concept of good and bad. So, choosing to do the wrong thing to get the ‘right’ result is really trying to defraud the principles of human existence. It never outlasts the perpetrator!

Let as many who choose to make a difference stand out by sticking to the right values, no matter the derision of this ‘modern’ era.


God bless you real good. We love you! Shalom.


In as much as every good gift, every perfect gift proceeds from the Father of all lights in whom there is no variableness not shadow of turning, I confidently decree that this week shall bring forth new testimonies, new joy, new opened doors for you IJMN.

Because He was made poor for your sake, ideas that will add value, that will proffer solutions will flood your mind, and cause resources to flow your way IJMN.

For every anxiety about tomorrow, the Prince of peace will give you rest IJMN.

Have a great week. We love you!


Weak values create poverty, misery and limits a man’s potentials in life. What type of value system do you have, what manner of values do you permit to govern your personal and business dealings?

Know this dear friend, there are no short cuts to success. There is always a price to pay to be celebrated. #JesusChrist paid His at Calvary.

You too have to pay yours through a life of honest dealings and diligent study in preparation for that break that inevitably comes the way of everybody at one time or the other.

Never forget that preparation + opportunity = success! You shall excel IJMN. We love you! #SHM



Welcome to a brand new month, with brand new opportunities. In the matchless name of The Lord Jesus Christ, I decree and declare that this month will usher in your season of miracles. You shall be amazed this month of the doors that His name shall open unto you. Your laughter shall resound of the joy His presence shall bring into your life.

This month, I see you climbing mountains hitherto unapproachable. Not by your power or might, but because of His abundant mercies. I perceive in my spirit an overflow of opportunities for someone this month. Doors will just open of their own accord, by His mighty hands.

I encourage you to abide in Him and His word. There are no short cuts; there is no almighty formula apart from these two – in Him and of Him!

Have a glorious month. You shall excel IJMN. Shalom. We love you!

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