As the Lord liveth and as His Spirit lives, the Almighty God will build an edge of fire round you and yours. You shall suffer no loss!

Every obstacle shall become an opportunity for testimonies in your life. Every evil prophesy shall fail over you. Any traducer of your destiny shall live long to benefit from your shining glory IJMN.

You shall rejoice! Miracles will happen in your life! You shall not have a better yesterday as each day will bring you renewed joy.

As He renews times and seasons, so shall He renew your opportunities. He restored Joseph, He rewired Jabez’s life. So shall He do for you IJMN!

You shall excel. We love you!

SHM REFLECTIONS_Picture Your Way To Breakthrough!!!

Dear friends, have you heard it said that God hears every language? Have you taken time to ask yourself how come He does that easily? Well let me tell you.

The creator of the heavens and earth think in pictures, not words. That was how He recreated the world – He thought His way through. Genesis chapters 1 – 2. And that is how He will choose those to live with Him in eternity, by looking at man’s heart (replace with ‘thoughts/pictures’) . How is this relevant to our discuss?

As a human being because you are created in His image and after His likeness (meaning you are wired as He is), that is how He also ‘hears’ you – by the pictures in your heart! That is how He answers prayers! By what is in your heart. Listen, you get the material equivalent of your thought pattern. Scripture already confirms this – Proverbs 23:7a – you become what you think. Let us consider other passages of Scripture.

Matthew 5:28; Mark 11:23; 2 Corinthians 9:7. What do you discover? Mere thinking of adultery is in God’s eyes as bad as the act itself; a picture of a dissolved problem IN YOUR HEART will make that problem disappear! Acceptable offerings begin with the picture in your heart of the reason for giving! Getting the picture?

God hears all languages and therefore you by the quality of what is in your heart. He judges the heart not the face He warned prophet Samuel. So, IT IS THE PICTURE IN YOUR HEART WHEN YOU PRAY THAT GOD SEES, not the words you utter. Again, remember #Jesus Christ warned against vain repetitions in prayers!

I remember I have shared this formula with you before – PICTURE + EFFORT = RESULT. So, to get what you need per time train your mind to think in pictures, that is get grace for the power to conceive ideas. Once done, dear friend you begin to see breakthroughs where there had hitherto been roadblocks.

You will excel IJMN. We love you! #SHM


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Darkness can NEVER nullify light. In fact, the more gross the darkness, the brighter God’s light shines. Rejoice! You shall overcome. #SHM

Everybody has a story so yours is no different. But #JesusChrist turns every story to glory. Comprenez-vous? #SHM




I can’t stop loving you Lord!
You bring purpose to my life
Made me in your likeness, gave me all.
I can’t stop loving you Father!

I can’t stop loving you Lord!
Your sacrifice renewed my life
I can now face tomorrow with confidence, thank you.
I can’t stop loving you Jesus!

I can’t stop loving you Lord!
You bring melody to my life
Where would I be without you, my teacher?
I can’t stop loving you Paraclete!

I can’t stop loving you.
Many may stutter or stop
Me? It’s a ‘life sentence’ I relish
I can’t stop loving you joo! Fi le!!!

(C) Ade. Adeniji. 05/05/2014.


@SalvationHouse Tweet: Everyday and in every way, I am getting better and better, wiser and wiser, richer and richer IJMN. What about you? #SHM #UpgradeYourLife



@SalvationHouse Tweet: What you see is what you get. What have you been focused on? Change your thinking, change your output! #SHM


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