SHM PRAYS_March 2015.

Meditate On These Scriptures:
(1) Hebrews 11:16
(2) Exodus 33:19
(3) Luke2:52
(4) Romans 8:12-17.
Prayer Points:
(1) Thank God for 2015 so far – for January and February, and for His mercy, provision and protection so far.
(2) Every generational pledge or covenant with evil, by the power in the blood of Jesus, you will never work in my lineage anymore IJMN. I am free in Christ Jesus!
(3) Lord, let your Spirit rule over my spirit and your word over my emotions. I will not become an embarrassment to your name and Kingdom IJMN.
(4) By favour Joseph went from prison to the palace. From this month, I receive favour from God Almighty and from men. Lines begin to fall for me in pleasant places IJMN!
(5) Father, you led captivity captive and gave gifts to all men. This very month, deliver me and mine from all situation of helplessness IJMN. My future is bright in you Lord.
(6) This month of March begins my match to enlargement in all my ways. Door of joy, peace, progress shall be opened for my by the Door Himself!
(7) Thank God for answered prayers!

S PRAYS_Happy New Month (September)

This new month, lines will fall for you in pleasant places. The heavens and the earth will cooperate to favour you IJMN! It is not of him that wills or runs, so God, my God will show you and yours mercy! As this year begins to wind down, I decree that your live will not wind down with it. God will send help to you. You will live, you will not die IJMN. Have a great month. Shalom. We love you!


SHM PRAYS: Mountains Move!!!


It is for them to gather, it is for my Father to scatter. I decree and declare – every sworn enemy or ‘frenemy’ of your life shall scatter IJMN!

Every situation, every obstacle that refuses to budge, the boulder of the Rock of Ages shall move them IJMN. Nothing compares to the power of #Jehovah, all mountains MOVE!!!

I perceive in my spirit that someone out there needs a helping hand RIGHT NOW. In the matchless name of The Lord #Jesus your destiny helpers shall locate you TODAY!!! Every limitation, every barrier to help, MOVE IJMN!!!

Miracles will happen just for you, favour will locate you, His mercy will speak for you. Where many may see a casting down, yours shall be a lifting up IJMN!

Your season to rejoice has come!

Do you believe? Matthew 9 vs. 29B!

We love you!

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