This new week, I declare over your life, you will not fail on the cusp of victory. 
Your resilience to succeed will not wane as you approach your breakthrough point. 
All your hours of preparation shall not go to waste. Time will not run out for you to succeed. Even your fallow ideas will bring you plenty.
You shall bloom more than once a season. You shall excel In Jesus’ mighty name.!
Have a great week ahead.



Welcome to a brand new month, with brand new opportunities. In the matchless name of The Lord Jesus Christ, I decree and declare that this month will usher in your season of miracles. You shall be amazed this month of the doors that His name shall open unto you. Your laughter shall resound of the joy His presence shall bring into your life.

This month, I see you climbing mountains hitherto unapproachable. Not by your power or might, but because of His abundant mercies. I perceive in my spirit an overflow of opportunities for someone this month. Doors will just open of their own accord, by His mighty hands.

I encourage you to abide in Him and His word. There are no short cuts; there is no almighty formula apart from these two – in Him and of Him!

Have a glorious month. You shall excel IJMN. Shalom. We love you!


There is someone out there, good things begin to happen to you from now on! You become enviable, you become a spring of water who source is in #ChristJesus IJMN. You will reach your own Havilah.

Whereas you had been a nobody; Jehovah who made a Prime Minister out of an imprisoned slave will change your story. I see you going places you never thought possible, I see you sitting at tables you would have served at.

Who am I referring to? Are you sure? So, what are going to go about it?

Enjoy your day. We love you!
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