SHM REFLECTIONS_Get Washed In The Blood, Cease A Life Of Struggles.

Stop struggling to be a good person. Jesus’ sacrifice already made you righteous before God! All you need is yield to Christ by accepting Him as your personal Lord and Saviour.

Do it today! Your flesh CAN NEVER make you righteous. I invite you to accept the gift of righteousness bought by the blood of the Lamb. Then you can access the benefits of salvation. Stop struggling to be healthy, wealthy and happy. The answer is in Christ Jesus.

So dear one, have you been to #JesusChrist for the cleansing blood? Are you washed in the blood of the Lamb? Are your garments spotless, are they white as snow? Are you washed in the blood of the Lamb?


Of all basic instincts, the instinct to survive is the highest in any man’s life. No man really knows what he is capable of doing until he faces a battle for survival. Decent folks have been known to engage in despicable acts to survive. That will not be your portion.

That is why I need you dear friends to pay particular attention to these prayer points:

1.) Poverty dehumanizes, it exposes one. Father, open my spirit to revelations to prosper. I will know what to do per time IJMN.

2.) The Lord Jesus Christ had a revelation to meet his obligation to pay tax. He was not stranded. As joint-heir I too will never be put to shame, for I receive capacity to do all things.

You may have noticed, dear friends, that you cannot pray one without the other. So please ensure you add both to your prayer menu, and pray through. You shall testify IJMN.

We love you. God bless you.


Bright and morning star, my light
My Father, my God,
What love, what sacrifice!
Words, they fail me …

Ancient of days, my world
My Jesus, Saving Lord,
Your love, what a price!
Words, they fail me …

Wonderful Counselor, my comfort
Covenant Father, Holy God,
What love, oh what courage!
Words, they fail me …

Kings of kings, lord’s Lord to boot
Redeeming Father, lover of my soul,
Words, they fail me …
At your kind of love that raise me up!!!

Glory and lifter of my head
This love, so powerful, raises me
From clays miry … to mounts so high
Words I now have to say — THANK YOU LORD!

© Ade. Adeniji, October 2013.387084_10150987681783342_1720939922_n


Dear friends, do you believe you were created in the image and likeness of God? And that greater works than
#JesusChrist did you are also wired to do? Then these week’s prayers are for you.

Scripture says that you will receive that which you desire if you ask without any doubt. It says without doubt you can cause mountains to move and be cast into the sea! But you have to be in Christ, and obedient to His word.

With this understanding we encourage you to add these prayer points to your prayer menu this week:

(1) I am a spirit being, created for dominion. Therefore I have dominion over my situation, over my circumstances IJMN. I refuse to be the laughing stock of anyone!

(2) Whatever could not keep the Lord #JesusChrist down cannot keep me down! Sickness, poverty, disease, lack of wisdom etc. you have no hold over my life!

(3) Everything in me and around me responds to the power of Christ in me, I am more than a conqueror IJMN. I grow into my greatness, I become a source of joy, I am highly favored!

God bless you all! You shall excel IJMN. Shalom.

SHM REFLECTIONS_We Need To Be More Humble!

My dear friends, how has your week been? Great, I hope. Mine has been wonderful, thank God.

For as many who are saved we are led by the Spirit, we are the sons of God; heirs of His kingdom, joint heirs with The Lord Jesus Christ. The consequence of this salvation is a new life, a clean slate to begin a glorious journey that will continue after the death of our physical bodies.

Another spin off of our saved status is that we are empowered to live above principalities, above powers, above the rulers of dark places in this world, above all manner of spiritual wickedness. In addition, we have access to His silver and gold, to His cattle upon thousands of hills. In effect, we are wired to live as salt of this earth and it’s light! No physical or spiritual powers can dominate us without our consent. Ain’t that great? Hallelujah, glory to God!

HOWEVER, I have been walking with the Lord a while now and this I know – all the above benefits can easily lead to PRIDE, of the subtle and apparent varieties! No?

My dear friends, we still look down on sinners, we preach down at them, do we not? Rather than reach out to them wen in their mess as Christ did to us, we sneer and look at them with reproving eyes! We brag about our resources, do we not? We consider the financially weak as pests, yes we do! We flaunt God’s wealth invested in us for the help of the needy with items of worldly value, do we not? Yet, we justify it by saying our God is not poor, yes we do!

AND WE WONDER WHY MANY WANDER AWAY FROM CHRIST AND HIS GOOD NEWS? We need a heavy dose of ‘humility serum’ We need constant shots of compassion inoculations, yes we do. The gospel of good news and abundant life for all is being lost in the narrative of how own salvation! I am afraid that was not the model of #JesusChrist. WE NEED TO BE MORE HUMBLE. And the frontline is your heart, dear friend!

If you agree, please pass on. We love you! Shalom.



According to Scripture, the ears of The Lord are not heavy that He cannot hear us. He is ever ready to listen, to help, to direct, to answer. But according to another piece of Scripture, many pray amiss.

So this week, we want to encourage ourselves to pray through, to pray in a focused manner. The Lord Jesus Christ said men ought to pray and not faint. We encourage you to add these prayer points to your prayer menu this week.

1. Father, open my inner eyes to my situation. Help me see what I really need per time. Not what I want but what I need.

2. Give me a revelation from your Word, direction in due season. I refuse to beat about the bush anymore. Send me in the direction of my help!

Believe, and you shall testify IJMN. We love you! Shalom.


I HAVE A TEASER FOR EVERYONE – In Athletics, you often see the gold and bronze medallists celebrate more than the silver medallist. Why is this? Let you answers be simple please. 😉

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