SHM Weekly Charge_2013 Week 02_MOVE ON!!!!!!!

My dear friends, by now I am sure you are tired of New Year wishes! So, let us move on quickly. It is now settled that your year will be good because the word has already gone out! So today, I want to take time to urge you this one thing – MOVE ON! What exactly do I mean?
2012 may have brought its disappointments; it may have let you down regarding a few things. My friends, it is time to move on. On the other end of the equation, 2012 may have given you your best testimonies yet – maybe a new house, a new job etc. My friends, I charge you too – MOVE ON!

This is the way of it – you have to keep pressing forward. On the achievement of 2012, build something greater on it – improve on your skills, broaden your capacity level, acquire more competence. Despite that disappointment, press forward. Do not let it define your life, please! Your life is designed for greater and better things. MOVE ON! MOVE ON!! MOVE ON!!!

My dear friends, trust me, no matter your level right now (for good or improving) you are still on a journey. I am sure you have heard it said that success is a journey, not a destination. Let me also tell you this – failure is a journey, not a destination! That is what the Lord mean in John 15 verse 2. What has worked improve on it, what has not worked, prune it. No need to dwell, no need at all.

So, to be able to do this effectively, take all you have experienced in the past year as preparation for fresh challenges, even the not too pleasant ones! Remember that adage that says once beaten, twice shy? Take your lessons, don’t dwell; MOVE ON. What this mean is that if you have not made notes of your challenges and lessons learnt, then go back and do so. Next map out strategies that will help you avoid the same mistakes or help you maximize existing landmarks and opportunities. Of a truth, you shall excel IJMN. Have a great week ahead.

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    Jan 07, 2013 @ 19:14:57

    Thank you, sir. Appreciate!
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