SHM Weekend Tonic_7th December 2012.


As you head into the 49th weekend of this year, I decree and declare
that God will not forget you. He who remembered Joseph in prison will
surely remember all your petitions, past and present.

I decree and declare that God will do a new thing in your life. Our
God that put a new song in Hannah’s mouth will do something fresh in
your life. Celebrations will burst forth in your house, to the glory
of His holy name.

Our God took a relatively unknown to the throne of Israel and never
forsook him. I decree and declare that that God of David will stand by
you and raise you up for the glorification of His holy name. Those who
have mocked you will celebrate you IJMN.

I decree and declare that you will not only encounter blessing, you
will become a blessing IJMN. When God reformed Paul, he not only was
blessed but went on to bless millions and continues to do so till
today. Regardless of your past, you too will sing a new song; and
everybody will acknowledge that God has visited you.

I decree and declare that you will not spend this season in mourning.
He who watches over Israel without sleep or slumber will guide and
guard you and your loved ones. He will hide you under the shadow of
His hands, for His name sake. You will cross over to the New Year in

As The Lord lives before whom I stand, so shall it be IJMN! Do you believe?

Have a great weekend, my dear friends.

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