As this year winds down I decree and declare that grace for excellence will still find expression in your life IJMN. It will never be too late for you to achieve your God ordained destiny.

Your effort shall no longer be wasted; your seed shall cease to wither in dry land! People will see you and bless you. Your store houses will never be empty. While still in the land of the living my God, who tore Hannah’s garment of shame, will cause to you to be celebrated.

It takes God to connect for insurmountable success, my God who linked Joseph with Pharaoh, will connect you. Your destiny helpers shall awake! Those who have forgotten their promises to you shall come to sudden realization of their commitment to you. Remember, He caused the chief butler to remember Joseph!

Many around you may be witnessing a dry patch, but by the mercies of heaven, the dew that brought constant manna to Israel’s camp for 40 years, serving about 85 trillion meals, will fall upon your own land IJMN.

You are created to excel and excel you shall IJMN. We at SHM love you to succeed. Shalom.

OUR BB Pin: 7ad0cfa8. (For prayers & Counselling)

#SHMPrays #Success #WeeklyDew #SHM

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