SHM REFLECTIONS_Under What Influence?

Read: Acts 2:16-17; Ephesians 5:18 (AMP)

I have a confession to make – I get drunk from time to time, REGULARLY! Yes, I am a child of God and yes again, I am privileged to be His servant. But I still get drunk! The only difference is that the item of my inebriation, is not a physical object, but a spiritual one! 
See, I cannot achieve what God wants me to achieve, as His child, as His instrument, as a husband, as a father, as a member of my biological and church family on my natural strength. I will struggle and make a mess of it. I will hurt myself and people who I should be a blessing to. What I need therefore is to be filled to the full. As do you come to think of it!

So, under whose influence I have chosen to fall? That of the Holy Spirit!!! It is the Spirit of God that gives me capacity to be a blessing. 1 Cor. 12:7-11; it is His Spirit that can teach me all things. John 14:26. I drink Him till I am flushed! As you too should if you want the same results I get!

What many people do not know is that YOU NEED TO BE DRUNK, TO BE HIGH TO BE CALM! It is precisely for this reason that many take alcohol and other addictive substances. But this physical high cannot be sustained over a long period of time. There is however a drunken or high state that does not wear out. It is designed to be permanent if certain conditions are kept to. That is when you get drunk with the Holy Spirit. As I am, not only am I able to be creative, but I also have it for good. Effects of alcohol, of cocaine, of all LSDs wear out, and their addicts return to a life of frustration and panic. But, with my drunkenness in the Holy Spirit, I can do all things, at all times, in all ways, FOREVER! 

So, my friends, I need you to understand my new paradigm, I AM UNDER THE INFLUENCE, and I invite you to be too. Do you dare?

God bless you. We love you! Shalom.

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