My heart has been burdened all week about my beloved Nigeria. It reached a crescendo with today’s air fatality. Rummaging through my notes, I stumbled across a poem I wrote a long time ago. Looked at the date I finished it and wow!!!! 3rd October 2012, EXACTLY ONE YEAR AGO!

Anyway, here it is. I claim no talent as a muse, that for other friends more endowed! *winks*:

Elegy to the Nigerian Politician.

Public persona ever populist, private ethos so egocentric
mien is good intentioned, for ‘my people’
Her garb translucent, her body bejeweled
Sweet of tongue, light in ideas.
His mantra says ‘service to my people’
His act evident in his opulent lifestyle.

His success is the death of ideas,
the dearth of innovation.
She works, yes for gross lucre
Their passports may be green, but it’s put to use for the greenback!
Resting places are not local, but in mansions that Charlie’s mom can not own.
He comes across as good intentioned, but actions doth speak loudly!

Adages I remember, native tongue to me
“Alakisa njo loru, boya ile amo lola; Koi ye won, yo ye won lola”
They gouge of gluttony, burdening their ‘people’
Hospitals remain consulting rooms, yet they fly to Sun City, sickened cells in tow
Weep not for them, for their feast endeth soon.
Weep not for them, for indeed a line will soon be drawn.

Nigeria, oh Nigeria, your beautiful ones are not yet born.

(C) Ade. Adeniji, 3rd October 2012.



Early today, Thursday, 3rd October 2013, an Akure, Ondo State bound chartered air flight of Associated Airlines crashed in Lagos, a few take-off, at around 9.30am. It reportedly had 20 passengers on board.

Dear friends, can you please spare a moment to pray for the victims of today’s said air crash? It is a sad, sad event, claiming many lives that otherwise would have been useful to their families and the nation.

I am particularly saddened that some people are already giving this political, cultural connotations. A tragedy is just that – a lamentable, dreadful event. Everyone with a conscience should mourn with, and not condemn or seek to trivialize such events. Dead is a debt owed by all mankind, so folks, let us all spare a thought for ourselves on occasions such as this.

To the Agagus, Okusanyas, Falaes and all families who lost loved ones, our hearts go out to you; and we pray for God’s comfort for you. We also mourn for Nigeria too that has lost industrious young people.

Death where is thy sting!

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