Early today, Thursday, 3rd October 2013, an Akure, Ondo State bound chartered air flight of Associated Airlines crashed in Lagos, a few take-off, at around 9.30am. It reportedly had 20 passengers on board.

Dear friends, can you please spare a moment to pray for the victims of today’s said air crash? It is a sad, sad event, claiming many lives that otherwise would have been useful to their families and the nation.

I am particularly saddened that some people are already giving this political, cultural connotations. A tragedy is just that – a lamentable, dreadful event. Everyone with a conscience should mourn with, and not condemn or seek to trivialize such events. Dead is a debt owed by all mankind, so folks, let us all spare a thought for ourselves on occasions such as this.

To the Agagus, Okusanyas, Falaes and all families who lost loved ones, our hearts go out to you; and we pray for God’s comfort for you. We also mourn for Nigeria too that has lost industrious young people.

Death where is thy sting!


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