As the Lord liveth and as His Spirit lives, the Almighty God will build an edge of fire round you and yours. You shall suffer no loss!

Every obstacle shall become an opportunity for testimonies in your life. Every evil prophesy shall fail over you. Any traducer of your destiny shall live long to benefit from your shining glory IJMN.

You shall rejoice! Miracles will happen in your life! You shall not have a better yesterday as each day will bring you renewed joy.

As He renews times and seasons, so shall He renew your opportunities. He restored Joseph, He rewired Jabez’s life. So shall He do for you IJMN!

You shall excel. We love you!

SHM Youth Prays_April 2013.

Prayer, 50Another quarter, my dear friends, and the year is already full steam ahead! We thank God for the New Beginning of the last quarter, and for the hope of Wisdom to excel and show forth His glory of this quarter. By now, you should have attempted an honest review of your goals for the first quarter of the year. How have you fared? Receive grace to achieve more this quarter IJMN.

I want to thank God for the testimonies we received, particularly from the last GAME CHANGER PRAYERS. Glory to the Lord in the highest. Let us share in your testimonies. Kindly mail them to; or in box us. God bless you.

Bible Passages for April Prayers: 1 Chronicles 4: 9-10; Hebrews 10: 23.

1. My Father and my God, in the journey of life – of a rewarding job and career, of success, of settled and happy marriage, of good health and wealth, I (Insert your name) shall not be left behind IJMN.

2. By the power in the precious blood of Jesus Christ, I (Insert your name) will receive a new name – for glory and power. My generation shall hear of my story for good IJMN.

3. Father, your name will be glorified in my life, no matter my current situation. I confess that I am a city that is set upon a hill that cannot be hid.

You shall all excel IJMN!
We love you.

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