SHM Weekly Showers

imageMy dear friends, as this new week dawns, we decree open heavens over your lives. Many might be the devices of the enemy of your souls, but the power in the blood of Jesus Christ shall nullify them all.

Wherever you go this week, we command the elements to work to your favor. Men and women will go out of their way to favor you. In blessing, you are blessed. Your seed after you shall also receive favor of The Lord. You will not fail, you will not mourn. The Lord will make a way for you where there appears to be none. We cover you in the blood of Jesus Christ.

In return, please ensure that you have been to Jesus Christ for the cleansing blood. if not, confess Him with your mouth today as your personal Lord and Savior. Then, go on and show kindness to someone new, someone different from members of your immediate family; put a smile on another’s face for God this week.

You shall excel IJMN. We love you!
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