SHM REFLECTIONS_Spiritual Responsibility Of The Saved

Salvation guarantees Divine help and blessings for all saved persons. This is the heritage of redemption for all children of God. However, it is spiritual responsibility that delivers the help and blessing to each saved soul. Salvation is only a good foundation, a sure start to a new life in Christ Jesus.

Often times however, many saved get it wrong. They automatically expect an end to all their challenges the moment they come to the Lord. I am sorry to disappoint you – that is not the way it works.

All redemption does is save your soul and give you a platform to redeem your heritage in God through the Lord Jesus Christ. Let me try to illustrate this. Remember that man (like God) is also a trinity. Man is a spirit that has a soul and lives in a body. So, if all salvation does is save the soul, the natural question ought to be – “what happens to the remaining 2/3rds of man – his spirit and body?

This is where spiritual responsibility comes in. By this I mean your capacity to (a) keep, like Paul said, your body under subjection from the ills of living in a fallen world; and (b) feed your spirit man constantly with the truth of the Word of God. As to ‘a’, you and I both have a responsibility to live according to the precepts and laws of the Almighty God. You need to internalise this fact. Will this be tough? You bet! Coming from a life of living to please yourself alone, you will be shocked at the amount of work and pain this entails! This is the more so because His precepts are against popular culture and its rules! Because His laws are supposed to be an antidote to the ills of pop culture. So, the journey will be hard; but be of good cheer because the Holy Spirit is ready to walk the walk with you as Guide and Comforter.

To achieve ‘b’, we really need to be smart because everybody lives a busy life – either to work or to loaf! To be smart is to use modern (did I hear someone say, ‘aha’!) tools to aid our word feast. The Bible and many resources that edify life are now found in various electronic media formats, such that there really should be no excuse for anyone who desires to feed his spirit man. Do it daily! Initially it would appear a drag, but give it time and you will get a rhythm that works for you.

These are two (2) elements of the spiritual responsibility that will deliver all the help and blessings of salvation to you. Remember, the Bible expects all of us to work out our salvation with fear and trembling! So, dear friend, what are you waiting for? Get going already! You shall excel IJMN.

We love you!

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