SHM REFLECTIONS_Advantages In Disadvantage.

Do not take me for a prude, but I mean it when I say to you dear friends, that there are numerous advantages in being at a disadvantage.

Have you ever heard the story of a General on an expedition to the new world? When he got to their new found land, rather than allow his men fall into a longing to return to the comfort of their home land, he burnt the vessel that conveyed them to the new world. Implication – virgin land it may be, but great opportunities it will be!

By the same token, dear friend, I charge you to take another look at that situation that you regard as a disadvantage, you will discover that it holds its own potentials. The only problem is that we often focus on the problem and not on he possibilities in problems.

Martin Luther ran foul of the Church establishment. They found his ideas sacrilegious and ostracized him. Rather than be discouraged by this obvious disadvantage, Luther led a revolution to reform the church. Guess what? The old establishment, to remain relevant, had to yield to his reforms with time! What if Luther had given up?

Dear friend, do not give up. There is a testimony in every test; glory in every story. Find your own tipping point in every problem situation and watch your situation change. Turn every disadvantage to a problem solving opportunity!

You shall excel IJMN. We love you!

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