• Getting better at what you do brings you the best results.
• Remember the law of time perspective. You have to spend long hours becoming the best you can be on your job, business or craft.
• Avoid the trap of repeating the same mistakes.
• Remember the Pareto principle, and maximize your most productive hours.
• Knowledgeable preparation is everything.
• Your success is a product of you. Very important you like yourself and what you do each day.
• Excuses are best avoided by creating circumstances that reduce the possibility of failure.
• You are not a machine, so remember to observe your down time. Rest is an important component of success. Recharge your batteries regularly, otherwise success will be flat.
• Remember, you are a city set upon the hills; so prepare adequately to radiate the glory of The Lord in your business dealings.
• No matter what, remember WINNERS NEVER CHEAT, EVEN IN TOUGH TIMES!

You shall excel IJMN. We love you!


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