SHM Weekly Charge_2012 Week 50 _ Preparing For The New Year, Part 1.

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My dear friends, today begins the 50th week of this 52 week year, and my charge to you this week is to begin your preparations for the coming calendar year (that is if you have not already started as some would surely have) by setting your goals for it.

If you look at God’s own template in Genesis chapters 1 and 2 you will discover that before He did anything, He first lays the foundation. For example, to create mankind (the crowning glory of His re-creative works) He set a goal of it for the Triune Head in verse 26 of chapter 1. My dear friends, this is the best model for all mankind who wish to tap into the blessings of the Almighty God. That foundation is goal setting. The Lord Jesus Christ also confirmed this in Luke 14: 28.

Goal setting is fashioning a road-map, a plan for the future. Essentially those things you have the hope to do, achieve, become; and more importantly the essence of your existence. Setting goals allow you live a focused, systematic life. Any hopes or aspirations you might have are mere dreams until you write them down and set them as goals. It is indeed the first step on the journey to realize your potentials. And I believe that your potentials are great indeed. There are many principles on goal setting that you may know or read about, but let me just say that your goals must be S.M.A.R.T, that is SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, ACHIEVABLE, RELEVANT and TIME-LIMITED.

I want to suggest to you, dear friends, that you set goals for the coming year in some specific areas of your life. Do not, however, make these suggestions sacrosanct. Let your individual needs be a proper guiding light; but please have specific areas where you would set goals. (1) Spiritual Goals. This is the foundation of all things you will get from the Almighty. Forget not that He has ALL things in His command. Set goals to spend more time with Him – to study Scripture more; Praise and Worship Him better; pray more; be of qualitative help to others etc. (2) Health Goals. My sad discovery is that in the quest for success, relevance and financial freedom, many ignore the dream-killing potential of ill-health. My biological father (himself a Pastor) used to drum it in my ears that a failing health is anathema to successful ministry. How true for all areas of human endeavour! So, set goals to get that medical check-up you have been avoiding. Set goals on what and how to eat, drink etc. (3) Family Goals. Set goals of finding a spouse or renewing the wine of that godly relationship; set parenting goals (how much time you need to set aside for the children while you can still influence them); set goals on your relationship with your extended family members (many only focus now on their nuclear families) (4) Financial Goals. Set goals on how to increase your value – what new knowledge to acquire or master; what to read; who to associate with as coach or mentor; set savings and investment targets etc. (5) Help Goals. Set goals on how to be useful to others – volunteering, coaching, mentoring etc.

It was Abraham Lincoln, the 16th American President who said, “A goal properly set is halfway reached”.
You will therefore discover that as you take time to put down your goals, the sub-text of each goal will begin to manifest in your mind. Please do yourself a favour and WRITE THEM DOWN as they come. It is immaterial whether what comes to your mind meets with your prior notion of what needs to be done. Trust me, this may save your destinies one way or the other.

Permit me to add that goal-setting is a tool that has worked for me, year in, year out since I first started deploying it since 1991. The interesting thing is that goal setting has afforded me amazing grace for discipline. It has encouraged me to focus like a laser beam on what my goals are; identify any conflicts with the set goals and avoid them like a plague. And I am still a work in progress!

My dear friends, I see 2013 as a year of great potentials. I charge you to steal a match on the year by setting your goals now. Ignore any predictions of hardship and/or doom for the coming year. Set your site on the Almighty God who has all seasons in His hands, who controls every situation; who can tilt any situation to your ADVANTAGE. Finally, do not set your goals with the aim of being self-reliant – ANCHOR THEM IN THE LORD GOD OMNIPOTENT, please. You shall excel IJMN. Shalom.

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