SHM PRAYS_May 2015


This month, the spring of your life will get a new boost. The excellency of God’s power will work in your life. 
This is your season of rebirth so welcome to your Rehoboth – this is your month of enlarged coast in Jesus’ mighty name. You shall so prosper, have robust health and live above temporal struggles that your neighbours will ask for your recipe! 
We command the heavens to open over you, and surprise you. Your mountains shall be brought low, your valleys lifted! Every situation will bring forth God’s glory in your life! 
Iyanu yi o se le! (Wonders will happen!) 
Go forth and excel. We love you!


Mark 16 verse 1-8.

Before the help of man will arrive, God’s help will be available for you. 
While the help of man is being delayed, God’s help will show up for you. The Lord will release divine help to disgrace human help. Before human intervention there shall be divine provisions for you. 
God will show up with a bigger and better package and grant you help that is better than the help of men in Jesus name! 
As the Father showed up for the Son, He will show up for you today and always!!!
Have a great day.
We love you!



It is the resurrection morning and … He is risen! Oh yes, Christ is risen! The grave could not hold Him down, death where is thy sting? My Lord and Saviour is risen!

Let the earth proclaim – He has won the battle! I am forever free – free from the clutches to the sin nature, free from the hassles of what my tomorrow holds. THE TOMB IS EMPTY! My Lord is risen!!! My faith has a meaning; my future is secured, for my Jesus has risen!

There is hope for mankind – for a better tomorrow; there is a certain end to eternal death and pain for the wise, for the glory and the lifter up of my head is risen. The heavens now declare His glory; the firmaments regale with the brightness of His rising, for my Jesus is risen! The Lamb of God who took away the sin of man is risen! At last the powerlessness of the devil over the beloved of the Lord is made manifest, for my Christ is risen – to reign forever!

Oh, what a priceless mistake the devil made, for aiding and abetting the killing of the bright and morning star. What a strategic hullabaloo! Now, we know of a truth that all your wiles are a ruse, devil. OUR JESUS WINS IN THE END.

Happy Easter to all of your, my wonderful friends. At SHM, we pray that the essence of resurrection SHALL RESONATE IN YOUR LIVES CONTINUALLY! YOU TOO WILL OF A SURETY MOVE FROM SHAME TO GLORY IN EVERY AREA OF YOUR LIFE IJMN. 

Joy to the world, Jesus Christ is risen from the dead!

We love you!

SHM PRAYS_February 2015.

Read These Bible Texts:

Ephesians 6: 12.
Galatians 2: 20.
Romans 4: 17.
Romans 8:17.
Psalm 33: 20-22.

Prayer Points.

(1) Father, because the spiritual controls the physical all my prayers, desires, and expectations of faith are already settled in you. Therefore they begin to manifest from now IJMN.

(2) According to your word, I sit above principalities, powers, rulers of the dark places of this world because I am a child of Christ. Therefore, no power from the pit of hell can stop me. I am unstoppable, I am promoted IJMN!

(3) My Father, your word says I am joint-heirs with Christ. I accept it. Therefore, I speak these words of life into my destiny – I CAN SEE EVERYTHING TURNING AROUND FOR MY GOOD. It is so IJMN!

(4) I receive grace to wait for the manifestation of God’s glory in my life. I refuse to run ahead or lag behind my destiny helpers IJMN.

(5) Unto Him who is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all I can think or ask through the power of Christ in me, I totally yield control of my life. I refuse a life of solo efforts IJMN.

(6) Father, let your will alone be done in the economic and political destiny of my country. My nation shall know and serve you in spirit and in truth IJMN.

(7) Thank Him for answered prayers!

We shall all testify IJMN. We love you. Shalom.

SHM REFLECTIONS_Sins of the Fathers.

Many go through life struggling with myriad issues in a relentless manner. It is a cyclic existence from one crisis to the other. And these upheavals have no pattern to them – they may be financial today, marital tomorrow and health woes the day after!

Deep cause of this life of stress and internal strife is often traceable to sin, active or passive. (Please bear in mind that sin is sin, no categories, no extent of severity. I use “active or passive” for the purpose of this topic only). By “passive” sin I mean third party sin! Because of the eternal principle of cause and effect, quite a number of the so besieged are paying for the sins of their fathers (read mothers too). But it does not have to be so.

For such people, we have this equally eternal solution. The Bishop of my soul says, come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden! His recipe is rest! Now, because the recipe appears (note my choice of word – APPEARS) simple, many ignore it or at the least underrate it’s potency!!!

The solution lies in changing your fatherhood, exchanging the natural one for the supernatural by confessing Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior! Sounds easy, right? WRONG!!! Otherwise many would have become free. Just look around you and you’d see the plenteous harvest that is left to be gathered in!

Let me illustrate my point thus: I come from the Yoruba stock of Nigeria, and the culture of the people permit for family praise (called oriki). A form of lineage praise that they believe denote your past; but really is a confession for your future! I was born an Egba man. (From Abeokuta, Ogun State of Nigeria)

For example, Egba people call themselves “Omo Olumo”, i.e descendants of Olumo, who was a local freedom fighter. Now, no matter the forum, when songs or praises are spawn in honor of that fellow, I stand out in my opposition to whatever is being done. After a while people noticed and asked why. My standard reply has always being that I am of a different stock and heritage now. I am a citizen of heaven, and the Almighty God is my Father. I am joint heirs with Jesus Christ. In other words, I AM A NEW CREATURE. The interesting thing is that I studied the history of the Olumo fellow, and discovered that despite his valor, he lived a life of strife and never had a peaceful abode! Somehow, this manifests in the lives of many around who sing the fellows praises as their progenitor! But I met Jesus Christ and re-calibrated, and has the story been different or what!!!

To be able to do this takes a shift in mindset! And it will not happen without the active opposition of ‘well wishers’ who will genuinely believe you have missed the plot; as many around me used to think! But if you want to be free from the sins of the fathers, you must understand and apply this paradigm shift. That way, you get the rest promised by my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

He is calling unto someone today. Who is ready to heed His call? Who is ready for freedom from the sins of the fathers? In box me if you are; or if you are willing to re dedicate!

We love you. Shalom!

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S PRAYS_Happy New Month (September)

This new month, lines will fall for you in pleasant places. The heavens and the earth will cooperate to favour you IJMN! It is not of him that wills or runs, so God, my God will show you and yours mercy! As this year begins to wind down, I decree that your live will not wind down with it. God will send help to you. You will live, you will not die IJMN. Have a great month. Shalom. We love you!



Today, The Lord will send help to you from Zion. He will cause destiny helpers to locate you.

Digging for water becomes easy for you, raising your stock in life comes by His grace. Your days of labour comes to an end. I prophesy that your seed shall begin to fall on fertile soil, and that the elements will also work in your favour.

Disgrace shall not be your portion or the inheritance of your children! Your generations shall abide in His mercies. Going forward your seasons shall attest to the might of Jehovah.

I decree that there shall be NO BETTER YESTERDAY IN YOUR LIFE ANYMORE!

You shall excel IJMN. Do you believe?


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