SHM’s Prayer for Nigeria @ 52.


SHM’s Prayer for Nigeria@ 52.

Father, we thank you for the nation of Nigeria. We thank you for many years of your favour, many years of your loving kindness. We declare you are the Lord, no one else like you. Today, we proclaim your majesty over our land, regardless of the physical manifestations right now. We say all other Gods are the works of man; you alone are God! Thank you for your long suffering overNigeria, thank you for all that has happened, good or bad. Because we accept that you have allowed all to happen because or purpose is being worked out.

Now Lord we pray that your eyes will never leave this country. Every day, according to the time of men, brood over this nation. We have no power or will to effect any desired change. Your Spirit alone is the agent of change, we call on you to intercede for our nation. Our efforts have failed, even our criticisms have had no positive effect whatsoever. So, Lord as you are sovereign over all, let your will be done over Nigeria. You know why you allowed the Northern and Southern protectorates to be fused as one nation; so work out your Divine purpose Lord.

Father, because of your mercy, give each Nigeria capacity to embrace love in all it’s ramifications. Touch the hearts of all Nigerians, particularly the led. Our ways are evil. We think of ourselves alone. We do not love you, we do not love our neighbors, we lie easily, we blame others (particularly our leaders), but we are worse. We refuse to pray for our leaders, we fail to pay our taxes, we accept bribes, we give bribes, we vote based on parochial tendencies, we allow ourselves to be used to rig elections, we are full of envy and greed. We want to ride the best of cars and live in palatial houses when we cannot genuinely afford them. We can go on Lord, but you already know all our frailties! So, Father please intervene first in our individual lives. As you do this, use us to intervene in the socio-economic sphere of Nigerian life, in the political sphere, in the spiritual sphere and in all other areas of our lives.

At 52, we pray that every Nigerian will find a place in his/her heart to do well by this country. We receive grace to look first for the good of our neighbors and our nation. Every spirit of “me”, “I” and “mine” will be subjected to those of “we” and “ours” IJMN. Every false altar and grooves (physical and spiritual) will lose their potency and your love shall be shed abroad all hearts.

Thank you Father, because you have done it, IJMN. God bless Nigeria and Nigerians, today and evermore. God bless our leaders at every level of governance and leadership In Jesus’ mighty name we pray! Nigeria will find its destiny in you Lord IJMN. Can you please join our large chorus of AMEN? The Lord has done it!

Please feel free to share with as many of your friends as you are led. Happy Independence celebrations!

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