SHM PRAYS_31st March 2016.

1. Father, thank you for the end of the 1st Quarter of 2016. By your mercy we have not been consumed since January 1st. Blessed be your Holy name.

2. As we proceed in the year, your mercy that has kept up this far will avail for us thought out the remainder of the year.

3. Our help in ages past, make a way for our nation as we transit from lawlessness to accountability. Give our leaders at all levels of governance a heart of meat, not of stone; to do the right thing by our nation and its citizens.

4. We pray your peace over every family unit. None shall be cast young in our midst In Jesus’ mighty name. Build an edge of fire around us and ours from the antics of the enemy of our soul.

5. Your word turned around the famine in Samaria; Lord turn our personal economies and that of this nation around by the power of our confession and the result of our hard work.

6. It is not of he that wills or of he that runs; so Lord show me your abundant mercy in my personal economy. Where many may see a casting down, I see a lifting in all areas of my finances In Jesus’ mighty name.

7. I receive unction for unique ideas to add value to others and prosper there by In Jesus’ mighty name.
Praise God for answered prayers. It is well.
We love you!

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