Death, Swallowed In Victory!

Death, Swallowed in Victory!
My Lord, my God

What love, what sacrifice

You died for me to live

Made poor for my riches

Scorned and bruised that

Victory I may have

My Lord, my God

What love, what sacrifice!
The grave, though deep

Cannot hold down the king of glory!

Death where is thy sting?

Swallowed up on victory, you are

By my Lord, my God Divine!

Free at last, free at last!

I am free from all the

Vicissitudes of life!!!
Who rolled the boulder away?

Ministering servants, bold

Rolled the stone away

Empty, oh empty is the

Tomb of man. Free, very free

Is the author of life 

Swallowed up in victory is death

For me and you, visa to eternal life!
Come, all ye that thirst 

Drink freely become chargeless

From life and it’s issues sore

If you be dirty with sin, the blood 

Shed at Calvary’s cross cleanses white

As snow. Come, one, come all and imbibe

From this welling Fountain that cannot dry up

The sacrifice that conquered death calleth thee!
© 27th March 2016. Adewale Adeniji.

(To commemorate Easter 2016)

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