SHM PRAYER WEEK_ November 2015 (Season of Laughter)_Day 1.

🎵Casting crowns, lifting hands, bowing hearts; Is all we’ve come to do.

Adonai/3x we glorify your name. We will rise in your name. Adonai. You reign on high🎵
Prayer Points:
1. Lord, I thank you for preserving my life from last month till today. Thank you for your manifold blessings in my life and my family from January till today. Blessed be your holy name, Lord! I praise your name thou glory and lifter of my head!
2. God’s favor cannot be hidden, His mercy cannot be bought. This month both will work to in me and to my advantage. Where ever I go, every of God’s creation will fall in line for my advantage IJMN
3. Laughter is better than crying, my father and my Lord. Incidents that cause laugher begins in my life from today. I cry no more! No matter my current situation, because you live, my season of laughter begins in earnest. Turn the table in my favor Lord as you did for Obed-edom.
Dear friends, as you wait with us and pray along this week, the Father of all lights in whom there is no variableness nor shadow of turning will put laughter in your hearts and lives. You shall excel. We love you!

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