You traversed the chasm between God and man. You paid the price that mankind can have a better future. You rose from the dead when you had been given up for dead. The cold hands of death could not keep you down, my Lord and Savior!

Thank you for the redemptive work of salvation; thank you for the hope for a better tomorrow. Thank you dear Lord for putting hope back into our destinies. Thank you Lord Jesus for resurrection!

Thank you for the foundation of a better tomorrow. Thank you because the hopeless becomes hopeful; the sorrowful has a shot at happiness; the defeated an opportunity for victory. Thank you Savior of the universe.

I praise Him with this song in my local dialect – *music* Oji nde, oji nde lo ni o – Oji nde; Jesu Kristi t’a kan m’agbelebu o – Oji nde. Omo Mary t’a kan m’agbelebu o – Oji nde*music* HALLELUJAH!!!!!

(Literal translation – “He has risen today – He rose; Jesus Christ that was crucified – He rose. HALLELUJAH!!!)

Happy Easter people. This year’s celebrations will not be your last IJMN!

We love you!
#SHM @SalvationHouse

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