SHM REFLECTIONS_Knowing The Word Is Different From Believing It.

I have always been around the word of God. Grew up in a Christian environment, strayed away and cavorted with people whose mantra was to rubbish the Word for a bit, but returned ultimately to the light of the gospel. Praise God! So, I know from personal experience that Knowing the Word is a world different from believing it!

And this, sadly, is where many of our brethren find themselves today. Stuck with the words of the Bible, but confounded with the effects of those words on their lives and situation. We see Christians today who work hard but are still confused on how to make ends meet, do we not? We have friends who despite the passages of Scripture they have memorised on Divine healing still struggle with their health or that of a loved one, do we not?

So today, I would like us to help ourselves with this. See, every time you receive and believe the truth of the Word you are empowered to become what it says! You triumph always by the revelation of His truth. Why? Because the truth never fails! So, even if you know that #JesusChrist was made poor so that you could become rich but do not believe this truth applies to you then you probably will continue to struggle with your finances, regardless of your ideas and how hard you think you work!

How will this work for you? You need to pursue REVELATION of the Word. My personal experience is that what gets revealed to you most likely you will treat as your personal gift and hold on to its truth! Revelation will always culminate in manifestation. In fact, applied revelation guarantees supernatural manifestation! This is because no degree of darkness can nullify the power of light; in fact the more gross the darkness, the brighter the light of God’s word will shine and pierce through!

From today dear friend, I charge you to seek personal revelations concerning those pieces of Scripture that you wish to hang on to. It is not enough to know them by heart; it is more important that you believe them to a point of saturation!

You shall excel IJMN. We love you!

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